Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello Y'all,

What's Going Down??? jk

I'm soooo tired right now!!! But the cause of my weariness was awesome!!! I got to spend the weekend at the ARK (a christian organization). The ARK, used to be a USA army base, but now it's been transformed into a marvelous, christian, retreat center. While I was there I got to bunk in this dorm room called Shunem Dan with some of my friends. We got to play basketball, go tubing on this massive ramp connected to a water tower, and learn about and worship God, the King of kings. So yeah, now I'm just sitting here, typing on a keyboard, staring at a computer screen, and killing my brain cells.

I've been planning out a story lately and I like how it's turning out. The main character (I know you think this is "name stealing" blah blah blah) is called, Aedan. He's a fifteen year old elf who lives in Eslandor, the Elfin Kingdom in some city with a name I can't remember...
His village resting on the boundaries of Eslandor is attacked by Vorgouls (these bad creatures I made up) causing an urgent need for evacuation. His parents are killed in the vorgoul incursion so Aedan doesn't know what to do. Is friend Cadeyn joins the elven army while is other friend Nyara leads an evacuation into the southern mountains. Gazing into a clear river, Aedan contemplates what he should do with his now broken future. Then he sees a glimmering object in the river, grabs it, and then discovers its a dragon egg. I could tell you more but I think I'd be typing here for another hour if I did...

Alright, I have to go...
I'm going to see what my brother's doing... (Dun Dun Dun!) jk

See Y'all Later,