Sunday, January 31, 2010

Atrocious Articulation

Found this on my friend Seth's blog and then received permission to use it here at Thoughts of a Warrior. Check it out and you'll understand the title. *grins*

I wonder what a Lennon goat is anyways... *shrugs*


Friday, January 29, 2010

Going... Going... And Going again...

This has been an extremely eventful day. How so? Well, woke up at 7:00, had a half-an-hour to shower, eat breakfast, ect and then headed out to Minneapolis to Orchestra Hall to view an orchestra play theme songs from popular movies such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings :D :D :D, and Fantasia (ugh). It was... fun. I guess... Well, no, not really. I mean, the Star Wars and LOTR was awesome- aside from the fact that during the LOTR performance this really, really high-pitched, sixth grade boy got up and sang like a girl. *laughs* I barely suppressed laughter. I'm not even kidding. The only reason I didn't burst out laughing then and there was because my cousin Ryan cast me this threatening glance that clearly communicated: Don't you dare. So yeah, I held it in there. But then there was this other song. One that went on, and on, and on, and on... And it was so boring and dumb that I couldn't help myself so I laughed quietly into my fist. *grins* Thankfully, the production only lasted about two hours so I was saved. :D
After Orchestra Hall, my family navigated the way back to our car and headed out to a friend's house to eat lunch, and then, immediately after, headed out to a community center as an activity for one of my homeschool coops ROCK. It was a lot of fun playing basketball and other cool stuff, but when I swam, I found that swimming with contacts in is pretty irritating. I mean, every time water gets into your eyes they move all over and sting, so yeah.
And now, during this short respite I have at home, I'm about to get going. Again. But I'm really excited. :D I'm going to one of my best friend's (Hunter) birthday party/sleepover. *grins* I can't wait. :D
Also, I'm glad I got to read at least a little today while I was on the road. Anyone heard of the Ranger's Apprentice series? I'm rereading them and I have to say, they're completely incredible. That is not an understatement. I know I say this about A LOT of books, but this is genuine. Really. Whoever hasn't read them MUST check them out.
And with that, I will close this post.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crushed, Despondent, Utterly Disconsolate, ect.

Vikings lost to the Saints in a HEART-BREAKER. Literally, it was devastating. We HAD the WIN!!!!! askfjsdkfjsdkl IT WAS OURS!!!!! AHHHH!!! So close and then Favre HAD to go and throw an interception. WHY? We could have kicked the field goal then and there and been victorious and guaranteed a spot in the Superbowl! We blew it... We SO blew it... Arghh!!!

A very crestfallen,


Saturday, January 23, 2010

180 Tubing

So last night, from like 7:00 p.m. to 10:00, my youth group, 180, went tubing at this monstrous tubing hill. There were four tracks where we could race and it turns out, we could have linked too and gone in groups, but the tracks were so icy from the rain (yes, it was raining while we were there :D) that the surveyors didn't allow it for the night. But because of the ice, the tracks were SO fast. My hat pretty much threatened to blow off every time I went down it was so swift. After a while, some of the boys got a little bored so we decided to start a new trend. Taking off our coats and sweatshirts so we were just in our t-shirts, we raced down the slope amidst the falling rain and snow. Okay, I'm not going to lie. It killed. Ice and snow buffeted my bare arms and face until they were throbbing and freezing. But, being as stupid as I am, I decided to, with my friend Caleb, take the next step upward in our experiment... going down the slope... with no shirts. *grins* I'll admit it, it was a really stupid thing to do, but it was AWESOME!!! We were flying while being pelted by all sorts of winter elements and I LOVED it. I can't wait until next time I go tubing to do it again. :D So yeah, that was my daring tubing endeavor. *grins*

Just a little side note that is completely irrelevant to the main post: CURSE OF THE SPIDER KING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Batson has done it again!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Reading Rampage

Sorry for the lack of posting, but, by looking at the title, you can probably tell what I've been doing. :D Well, last time I posted I mentioned the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I was just starting it; not sure how good or bad it was as I knew no one who had read the trilogy and would give me an opinion on it. Thus, I plunged in the manuscript not knowing what to expect; and now as of two days ago, I have emerged utterly and totally amazed.

I'm not kidding. This trilogy was something else (in a good way). I mean, it had me hooked! I couldn't put it down. It was incredible. (Don't be warded away by the kind of creepy book cover- it's just a gargoyle). The author, Johnathan Stroud, is such an enticing author. The trilogy is intense, action-packed, deep, and extremely humorous as you'll find out if you read it. :D
Now, enough about the Bartimaeus Trilogy. There's another novel that right now has me completely engrossed- The Curse of the Spider King. :D

It's awesome! I love it. I'm on page 200-something and so far, it's great! Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper really cooked up something good.
And now to get back devouring it... *grins*