Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Reading Rampage

Sorry for the lack of posting, but, by looking at the title, you can probably tell what I've been doing. :D Well, last time I posted I mentioned the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I was just starting it; not sure how good or bad it was as I knew no one who had read the trilogy and would give me an opinion on it. Thus, I plunged in the manuscript not knowing what to expect; and now as of two days ago, I have emerged utterly and totally amazed.

I'm not kidding. This trilogy was something else (in a good way). I mean, it had me hooked! I couldn't put it down. It was incredible. (Don't be warded away by the kind of creepy book cover- it's just a gargoyle). The author, Johnathan Stroud, is such an enticing author. The trilogy is intense, action-packed, deep, and extremely humorous as you'll find out if you read it. :D
Now, enough about the Bartimaeus Trilogy. There's another novel that right now has me completely engrossed- The Curse of the Spider King. :D

It's awesome! I love it. I'm on page 200-something and so far, it's great! Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper really cooked up something good.
And now to get back devouring it... *grins*

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