Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crushed, Despondent, Utterly Disconsolate, ect.

Vikings lost to the Saints in a HEART-BREAKER. Literally, it was devastating. We HAD the WIN!!!!! askfjsdkfjsdkl IT WAS OURS!!!!! AHHHH!!! So close and then Favre HAD to go and throw an interception. WHY? We could have kicked the field goal then and there and been victorious and guaranteed a spot in the Superbowl! We blew it... We SO blew it... Arghh!!!

A very crestfallen,



Seth Skogerboe said...

This is like.... the ONLY time ever that i've ever watched the Vikes. *sigh*

Josh S. said...

yeah...but you know what's funny? Alex titled his post "disgusted..." you did all these wow words! Lol....but here's what I said to Alex about the game.
Brad Childress stinks at basic play-calling. Y are we running the ball for no gain for two downs and then passing on third down when they know we're going to pass late in the fourth qtr when we could win the game! Instead, we pass when the Saints know we are going to, and look what happened. Also, what did AP have on his gloves? Ice? Wait, scratch AP and put in "the whole vikings team". I was rooting so bad for the Vikes...I guess I don't sound like I was now. But Brad Childress just makes me so mad sometimes!'s like he didn't want to win the game. Dissapointing...I hope Favre comes back next season...with the way he was playing tonight, I really think he might retire. He was getting so tired! That's another thing! Y go into overtime, and make Favre more tired then he already is? If you have a chance to win the game, take it!
Lol....Favre= our only hope next season at QB.

I agree that we had the win. Instead, we ran that stupid gut up-the-middle run twice and then passed the ball when the saints D knew we were going to pass! ARGHHH! BLAMMATOOOZAM!!! LIFE HAS NO MEANING! NO POINT!
Lol, jk :D


Elr√°nia said...

Even though I'm a diehard Patriots fan I was hoping the Vikings would win that game too. I was sooo mad that the Colts won the AFC because my dad's friend is related to someone who played for the Jets and if the Jets had won we could have possibly gotten tickets to the Super Bowl!!!

will treaty said...

i made a bet with a girl and i lost plus i love brett. the bet was not with money.

Josh S. said...


Josh S. said...