Monday, December 28, 2009


Reading your Bible- I never thought it could be so... difficult sometimes. Y'know when sometimes you feel your so disconnected and in a slump with God? Like there's been too long of a time of no communication, and you feel terrible about it, but you're just too... absorbed with everything: Christmas, presents, things to do on your days off from school, that you just brush aside time in the day for God? Well, that's what I've struggled with the past week or two. I mean, for me, the slump starts when I wake up, and on that day, I don't go immediately and read my Bible. If I break the cycle, it's easier to continue doing so until I've completely stopped reading. The good thing though, is that whenever I stop, I'm convicted in a way. Whenever I'm at church or listening to a sermon, I feel... distraught. Like half of me is listening to the message, but the other half is screaming that you're not even spending time with God, how is this going to help you? And so I finally went to my Bible this morning. Not novels, not computer, not any kind of other distraction; my Bible. And I feel so good after reading it and just praying... Personally, I think the Bible's essential to me in my faith. It somehow... Just gets me back on track with God. I don't know how. It just... does...
My two favorite quotes about the Bible are these:

Sin will keep you from this book,
but this book will keep you from sin

And then:

Show me a Bible that's falling apart,
and I'll show you a life that isn't.

They're amazing and a 100% true.
I don't know if any of you have ever gotten in a slump like that, where you've just needed something to pull you out. And for me, it's God's Word.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Chistmas is Here

One word- CHRISTMAS!!! Since my family is leaving tomorrow for Pipestone, Minnesota for Christmas with my mom's side of the family, my parents decided to have our own family Chrstimas today. P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S-!!! I got such awesome ones. First of all, I received a hooded aeropostale sweatshirt (I needed one of those so badly) :D. And secondly... *drum roll* the newest cd from Hawk Nelson, Live Life Loud!

And thirdly... (this one is totally the best) Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper's latest novel, Curse of the Spider King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D AHHHHH!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, $20.00 dollars to Barnes & Noble. *grins* Now I can get another book! *rubs hands together in anticipation* I wonder what I'll buy...
And that's it! I'm so happy. :D
Well, there's really only one thing left for me to say...
Have A Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Horseback Riding

My dad is AWESOME! He made this video for me last night and just showed it to me. *sigh* I miss riding... The thing is, the place I have been going to is so expensive! I mean, like 400 dollars for five days of riding, and, since I'm only twelve and don't have a job, is a real struggle to make...Oh well.. Enjoy! :D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's One of Those Amazing Moments...

Amazing is almost an understatement. I cannot believe this... Okay, I'll stop rambling and tell you what's so incredible: 41-39. That was the score of my game at my team's Middle School. We were triumphant... against Buffalo: the city boasting the best seventh-grade school basketball team in our conference. And we defeated them! It came to the last 10 seconds, where Buffalo was desperately trying to intercept the ball when it was passed in bounds and score a basket to tie up the game. But our team managed to hold'em off. We WON!!!!!!!!!!!! *tries to stop shaking with exuberance* Ah, the looks on the Buffalo team's faces when we beat them. They were astonished. It was David and Goliath moment kind of. The team with a record of 1 win and 9 losses taking on a team, flawless and undefeated. When we won, all my teammates when crazy. I'm still going crazy! I'm awed, flabbergasted, astounded- AMAZED.
So enough about my amazement, here's an update on how my mom's doing: She went into surgery Monday and stayed in the hospital overnight. Then late in the afternoon Tuesday, she came back with my dad. She was extremely nauseous and in reasonable pain. On Wednesday, she was feeling a little better, but still just laid in bed and slept most of the day. And today, she's starting to be her normal self again. Although still tired and achy, she's feeling a lot better. Want to know what's awesome though? The doctor's who extracted half of her thyroid said that when they took it out, it didn't look cancerous! I'm so happy about that, but still, it's not a final judgement. The complete report comes Monday I think, so yeah... My family just has to wait and see.
By the way, does anyone know anything about the Bartimaeus trilogy? I'm starting the first book, and I want to hear other people's opinion on it before engross myself in it. Is it bad? Okay? Good? Great? Outstanding?



Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At last... Victorious

After eight games for basketball, my team finally emerged as the victor in one. It was an amazing game, and the score was astounding: 69-4. We demolished this team. I mean, it was steal after steal, swish after swish. We were unstoppable! I'm so glad we've finally won. I've stopped making it so the losses are all about me and how I performed, but still, it's kind of frustrating continuously losing. So yeah, I'm exhilarated.
I haven't posted forever so here's a brief update on how Thanksgiving went:
One word, AWESOME. I attended three thanksgiving dinners: One at one of my best friend's (
Hunter) house, one with my mom's side of the family, and one with my dad's side of the family. It was a blast and very satisfying devouring so much food. (contented sigh) :D It's crazy cause now Christmas is in less than THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!! I can't wait. My whole house has already been adorned in Christmas accouterments, and our Christmas tree is up in our family room. *rubs hands together in anticipation* It's going to be great.
But amidst all the awesomeness, there's one thing that's troubling me... My mom has been lately having numerous doctor appointments concerning a growth on a section of her neck called the thyroid. Although scanned and scrutinized, the doctors can't distinguish wether the growth is harmful or not. Two days ago, they informed my mom that there's a fifteen percent chance it's cancer. So... It has to be removed. Luckily, they're only removing half of her thyroid and leaving the other half so she won't have to use medications for the rest of her life to perform tasks completed by the thyroid. She's going in Monday for surgery to get the growth extracted to be examined more closely to discover what is causing it. I'm praying it's not cancer... I'd appreciate if you'd keep her in your prayers too. It's pretty scary for her and my family having to wait to find out about something so serious...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decisions and Discernment

Since I last posted, I've had two more games for basketball. Each of them a loss. *shrugs* We'll win next time though; I can feel it. I mean, the biggest reason we lost today was because there was this guy who was practically six foot tall and he was really explosive and aggressive. Although my team hasn't had any victories yet, I was promoted to point guard!!! So now I take the ball up court on all our offensive possessions and am pretty much one of the main passing people on my team. I've found it to be a lot of fun, but in a way, extremely challenging. First of all, is the decisions. With a defender in my face trying to swipe the ball while I survey the court, I have to be ready to make a decision swiftly and pass the ball precisely. If I don't, the ball will be stolen, ripped from my grasp, or I will panic and make too quick a pass, going straight to the opposing team instead of my intended receiver. Secondly, if there's no one open, I'm all alone. It's up to me to make some kind of play that will enable my team to recuperate and get a basket. It's difficult. If you hesitate, the person guarding you will seize the opportunity to overwhelm you. By now, you might be wondering why I'm telling you all this... Well, because it's the same way in life: We're confronted with sin and darkness and it does not want us to get past it and into the light or make any kind of pass that enables us to move closer to God. It will try to steal first place in your life from God and attempt to rip Him away so they can gain possession of your heart. And sometimes, we're going to be all alone with sin standing maliciously and deceptively in are paths, discouraging us from doing something, advancing, making a play that helps us grow closer to Him. There's only one decision that will aid us. One that will get us closer to God. But it's hard and blocked by sin. I have to fight through it. I can't just sit there and allow my defender (sin) to come nearer and nearer until I'm buffeted and overwhelmed by it. If I'm not moving forward, I'm moving backwards. In our lives. we all have to make the decision to go towards God no matter what's in the way. The crowd tells you it's not cool. Sin displays before you things that tempt and coax you. Satan deceives you and tries to blot out Him with earthly things. But there's only one choice that will lead to salvation and ultimately, God.

Philippians 1: 9-10. And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and be pure and blameless for the day of Christ.

1 John 4:1. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Even though we are confronted by so many spirits, deceptions, temptations, our own evil nature, and even Satan himself; we must be able to discern the one true path. The one true decision that will deliver us safely through any opponent and into God's compassionate, protective embrace.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pride and Selfishness

Well, basketball hasn't been as awesome as I anticipated. First of all, my team has lost both of its first games. They haven't been complete blowouts. Today's game was pretty close, but still, we've lost both and it's kind of depressing. Today, I was put in as point guard for my team, and I did pretty good. No big passing mistakes and no one got a steal off me. But in the game, for both my two lay-up attempts, I missed and they were really easy shots. At the end, the score was 26 to 29. If I'd made them, we would've have won our first game of the season. Sitting on the bench and watching as the game came to a disappointing end, I sulked and mentally reprimanded myself for missing the shots. When I got home, I kept sulking, still angry about my performance. And it wasn't until about an hour ago when my mom asked what was wrong that I finally stopped. I told her it was all my fault my team had lost the game, that if I'd done better we would've won, and whole bunch of other complaints about how I played. Then she said it: "It sounds to me like you're just being prideful, Jake."
I was speechless. Me? Prideful? I'm beating myself up for missing two layups! How am I being prideful?
I asked her how, and she replied, "You're only thinking about yourself. How you did. How your game went." In other words, it was all about me. Nothing else mattered. I sulked cause I didn't do great, I didn't impress everyone, I didn't make the shots and win the game. It was all about how I did. It really got me thinking and I realized that I'm like that a lot. Countless times I only contemplate how I'm doing and how I look doing it. And I don't spend one second thinking about anything else. How others are feeling. How others are doing. I'm completely oblivious to everybody else while locked away in my own little bubble where everything is about ME.

Proverbs 16:18-19
18: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
19: Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud.

I like what it says in Psalms 16:19. It pretty much says: It's better to not do great but be humble and have humility. Then to do great and be prideful. *sighs* I really messed up. Hopefully I won't be as susceptible to pride and selfishness next time but instead, have a humble attitude and be considerate to how others are feeling and not just myself.
Just thought I'd share that...


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amazing Song

Alright, click here and it'll bring you to a video of the new Switchfoot song: Your Love is a Song from their new cd Hello Hurricane. Utterly awesome. I can't get over it...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Team

I'm utterly astounded. Two weeks ago, my basketball started for the seventh grade school team. It runs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3 to 5 and is a lot more strenuous than my practices last year, but it's been soooo awesome. And what's better, I made the A team!!! Everybody on the school team (21 of us in all) are divided into two groups. The A team: More experienced, B team: Less experienced. I can't believe it. Everyone there is really good and I missed two vital practices so I thought I had no chance whatsoever. But I'm really glad I was proven wrong. :D It's not permanent though. My position for the year depends on how I do in the games, not just the practices... *takes a deep breath* Hopefully I'll do well. :D
Ugh, I knew I'd regret not doing NaNoWriMo!!! argh... Everyones having a blast (or tearing their hair out) conjuring up awesome stories while I'm sitting around doing nothing... *slaps forehead* Oh well... I hope all your novels are coming along smoothly!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Books, Words, ect.

I woke up really early this morning to get to my library's huge book sale with my dad and my bro's Alex and Matthew. It was awesome. Unfortunately, the sale was already packed with people so we hurried to see what good books remained. In the end, I bought (for only 1 dollar!!!) two books: Webster's New World Thesaurus and the first book in The Bartimaeus Trilogy. By the way, has anyone read the trilogy before? It just looked pretty good but I don't really know anything about the series...
The thing that aggravated me was that I didn't look through the thesaurus until I'd already purchased it, and that's when I found out it didn't have the words: ameliorate, halcyon, gregarious, abscond, ebullient, voluminous, and a bunch of other really good ones. What kind of thesaurus doesn't have those incredible words? *groans* Oh well, I guess it's still an okay thesaurus. On the way back from the sale, I was thinking how awesome it would be to collect thesauruses. Wouldn't that be cool?
Right now I'm reading This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti: It's awesome. Totally, absolutely, completely awe-some. I'm not far enough yet to give a good report of it but if you're looking for something to read, get it!!!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Band Tag

Josh, from Blog of the Rejects tagged me for the five, favorite band tag. These are my faves:

1. Switchfoot (utterly awesome and amazing)
2. Tenth Avenue North (really, really good Christian music)
3. Kutlass (Awe-some. Check out there song: What Faith Can Do)
4. Hawk Nelson (cool band, :D)
5. Tie between Run Kid Run (I know, weird name but check out my playlist and you'll see their amazing song, Freedom. In fact, it's probably playing right now for you) and Matthew West.

I tag anyone who would put in their top five, favorite bands one of these five.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Freezing 5k

Well, never mind checking Sunstar's blog to see the debate. She deleted all posts and comments related to it, so yeah... :( Just remember to keep her in your prayers because she really needs to see the truth.
Something absolutely awesome happened today. It *drumroll* SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there was one thing bad about that: at eight o'clock in the morning I was scheduled to run a 5k (3.2 miles I think) and now, I had to run it in the freezing cold. I managed to survive and finished 41st out of about 250 people although unfortunately, I failed to make it into the top rank of my age group, meaning I didn't get a medal. *shrugs* It was still fun though and I had a blast. :D
I can't wait for tomorrow! In my church, I'm an assistant small-group leader for the kindergartners and it's a lot of fun. The best part is the beginning where the kids come in and I pretty much just have the job of playing with them and making sure they all have fun. *grins* I can't wait.
Also, I'm now in a homeschool co-op called ROCK, and what's so cool about it is that the kids get to do everything. Plan awesome event, create cool websites, and pretty much just take charge of everything we do. One of the coolest things we've done so far is started up a writing and reading club where we're going to post writings, do writing contests, vote on books to read as a group, and then once we have, discuss them. :D It's awesome.



Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayer Alert

Hey Guys,

Alright, there's a girl in the blogger world who goes by the name of Sunstar and she has recently decided to deny and reject God. For the last two days debate has been raging in her blog about her announcement and many bloggers have been trying to witness to her and show her the truth. But she hasn't faltered in her choice. Right now, I'm asking all of you to please pray for her. I don't know what else to tell her, but I know even if we don't know the words to say: God does. Here's her blog: Check through the first four or five posts and their comments and you'll be able to see the debate.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


School has been extremely laborious the last couple weeks. It's been fun, but its been really time consuming, explaining why I haven't posted or commented for a loooong while. The subject that's really taking forever is my history. I have about a billion books I have to read every day which takes at least TWO hours!!! Not to say the books aren't interesting, but it just gets kind of tedious spending all that time learning American history... *shrugs* so yeah.
Although the last three weeks have consisted mosly of school, I've also had time for a lot of reading, a plethora of writing (I've been working on a novel of my own for a while. I think it's about a hundred and thirty pages double-spaced so far), and this year my uncle convinced me to try out fantasy football and I have to say: It's awesome. The competition is just really fun and exhilerating. :D
Sorry to cut this entry short, but I've got to go start working on my writing class draft before my dad edits it tonight... *groan*



Tuesday, September 1, 2009


About a week ago I would of said I was dreading the arrival of school, but now, I'm anticipating it. First of all, a homeschool, education-center called WEST opened up right in my neighborhood within walking distance of my house. There, I'm taking a writing class from my awesome writing teacher who's classes I've attended for the past two years.
Secondly, my math is looking a lot more fun this year as I'm moving into more interesting sections of it.
Last of all, science is looking more enjoyable as well, so yeah. I'm really excited to begin! :D

So what have I been doing lately? Well... a lot of writing. I just figured out the book I'm working on has reached a hundred some pages (double-spaced). A lot of reading... And mostly just relaxing until school starts on September eighth. Once it starts I probably wont' be able to post much though, so yeah, just a little heads up if I'm absent from the blogging world for a while.
Well, that's pretty much it. Hope you guys all have an awesome start to school!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Right now I'm typing from the cabin my family rented for the week. It's been sooooo awesome so far. I've swam countless times, written a little on my story, read a ton, played track ball (extremely addicting) and have made time in the morning for an hour of devotions and just sitting and marveling at God's beauty. Every night so far my family and the Frasers (the family that came with us to the cabin) have been doing kind of mini sermons around the campfire and everyone gets one night to do one. Mines tomorrow and I'm doing mine off Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. It's probably my favorite verse. :D
I can't believe school is starting up so soon!!! Ugh, summer went by so fast. But I'm kind of anticipating school also. Especially the writing class I'm doing up at WEST (a homeschooler education place that teaches various classes). Well, I better wrap this post up.
Cya guys later,


Monday, August 17, 2009

Tagged by Hannah

Before I start the tag, I just want to say that yesterday was completely amazing. Before playing with the worship band I'd prayed that I'd perform all for God's glory and not my own and I had one of the best times of my life. I loved playing up front with the band and at the end, even though I made a couple mistakes, it didn't really matter cause I didn't care what everyone thought. It was how God viewed me while playing up on stage that mattered.

After Church, my youth group, along with my friend Hunter from Travel of a Teen, attended the Rock the River concert. It was incredible. The crowd gathered was absolutely HUGE and I had a great time. The only bad thing was that their was only one rather small cluster of concession stands to feed all the people. Unfortunately, over half of my time at the concert was spent standing in line to get supper. One time while I stood in line to get one little bowl of deep-fried oreoes, I had to patiently wait for THREE hours!!! That was a little crazy but overall the bands were great and it was a really fun time. :D

Alright, now for the tag:

Who is your favorite male character and what book is he in? (Pick only one!!!)
Wow... This is a REALLY tough one. I have to say Aidan from the Door Within Trilogy.

Who is your favorite female character and what book is she in? (Pick only one!!!)
Ugh... Another hard one. It's a tie between Arya from the Eragon Series and Gwenne from Door Within.

Who is your favorite author favorite book/series by him?
Nope. There's no possible way I can name only one favorite author. Here's a list of my faves and their novels. Wayne Thomas Batson: The Door Within. Christopher Paolini: The Inheritance Cycle. Bryan Davis: The Echoes from the Edge Trilogy. Brandon Mull: Fablehaven Series. Rick Riordan: The Olympians Series. C. S. Lewis: Chronicles of Narnia. And John Flanagan: Ranger's Apprentice Series.

If you are writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in the book/series you are writing?
Mine's probably the main character of Eggbearer (the title of the novel I'm working on) named Cadyn.

If you are not writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in a book you know someone else is writing?

Any other favorites you want to mention?
Yeah, four more male characters I really like are Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) Nathan Shepherd (Echoes from the Edge) Percy Jackson (Olympians Series) and Will Treaty (Ranger's Apprentice Series).

Least favorite characters in a book you've read?
Daryl (Echoes from the Edge) and Rachel Elizabeth Dare (Olympians Series)

I tag: Seth (Musings of a Levite), Caleb (Ballin with God), Saerwen (Baking with a Red-headed Halfling) and any others who really want to do this tag. :D



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tomorrow: Guitar Day

Wow, Sunday's coming so fast! I'm really excited but I've also been praying. You see, after practicing guitar yesterday, I finished and I was unsatisfied with my performance. I acted all selfish and I-wish-I-could-do-better-ish if I could put like that. Then when I went downstairs in my mopey attitude my mom saw me and asked what was wrong.
I told her I bet I was going to do terrible tomorrow playing guitar with the worship band on Youth Day.
And she said, "When you go up and play for Church, Jake, it is not about you. It is about God. No matter how it goes, the only reason you should play is to glorify God."
That really hit me and I saw so much truth in it because the whole time I had been thinking all about me. Would I do good? Would I look cool strumming my guitar up front? Would I make a fool of myself? I ignored the true reason people even play music in worship bands and praise in Church. It's to honor God! To praise Him! Not me. Not to make myself to look good. It's to point people through my actions to God.
So lately, I've been praying that however things go tomorrow with the worship band, that I'll do it to honor and worship God and not for any other selfish reason.
I just thought I'd share that with you guys...


PS: My friend, Seth, just made a blog. Here's the URL:
It's really awesome, so check it out!!! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rock the River and Worship Band

This Sunday at my Church is Youth Day, so my Church is trying to involve youth in a lot of things during the church service and afterwards we're all going to Rock the River:

It's a huge concert featuring (I'm pretty sure) these seven bands: Superchick, DecembeRadio, Flame, Flyleaf, kg52, Kirk Franklin, and Lecrae. I'm so excited. During the Youth Day service I, along with my bro, Alex, from Journeys of a Jesusfreak, Hannah from Aspire, and my friend Seth received the opportunity to be apart of the worship band. Alex and I both got two songs to perform on guitar with the band. He gets to play Dare You To Move and My Glorious, and I get to perform Your Grace is Enough and Wholly Yours. :D We arrived last night for band practice, which was awesome and exhilarating because I had never played with an actual band before. I really enjoyed it. It was awesome! *grins*

Also, if any of you guys haven't checked out the Big Red Button yet, scroll to the bottom of this page now, and click on it. It's hilarious! :D



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tagged by Marian

I was tagged by Marian for two tags. :D Here I go:

First Tag:

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? Hmmm, tough one. I have to say New Zealand...

If you could go to any fictional place where would you go? The Realm in The Door Within Trilogy or Rivendell

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? or do you write at all? Writing-is-AWESOME!!! I love it. I'm currently writing my own story, so yeah. Writing rocks. :D

What do you want to be when your a grown up? My biggest goal would to be a published Fantasy novelist.

Favorite animal? Horses!!!

Favorite song? As of now, my two favorite songs are "Ocean Wide," by The Afters and "Beautiful Ending," by Barlow Girl.

Do you like school? Sometimes... depends on the subject

Are you a people person because I'm getting the idea that you are? I don't know!

Do you like to talk? Yeah, I guess so.

Favorite food? Chinese and Pizza

Hobbies? Check out my profile.

Favorite Author? Author as in ONE author? No way, that is impossible to decide. I think I can narrow it down to four though. Wayne Thomas Batson, Christopher Paolini, Rick Riordan, and Bryan Davis.

Favorite weapon? Broadsword.

Is this a fun tag or are you getting bored? I'm having fun. :D

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High School Musical? Well, I have to admit: I used to really like High School Musical. But don't worry, I don't anymore. :D

What are you scared of? Confined spaces

Favorite flower? Uh, I must confess I don't really know many flower names. But I'll just say... Roses I guess.

Do you always use the same password or do you use different ones? Confidential information. *grins*

Do you like blogs? Yes

What is the expression on your face? Ummm, normal?

Color of your eyes? Blue

Second tag: The question is: Who is your favorite Character in history, Why, and can you give a little history about that Character?

Wow... This is a difficult question... Y'know what, I'm going to pick Martin Luther. Although I don't have much time to give a summary on him, I can say that he trusted deeply in the Lord and fearlessly and eloquently preached the Word. Not to mention that he's probably one of the best Christian role-models of all time.

And with that, I conclude my two tags.
I tag:
Alex and Ryan

So yeah! Oh, and anyone else who wants to do them, feel free. :D



Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horse Camp

Alright, so my horse camp at an amazing ranch called Roselawn Stables ended Friday, but I haven't been able to post on it yet because yesterday my families computer was shut down because of a huge storm and today, I've been gone at Church, working on props for a section of my church, and going to my youthgroup, 180, so yeah. :D
Anyways, now I have the time to summarize it:
AWESOME. I could wrap it up with that one word but that would make this post pretty ridiculous so here's the rundown. I arrived early Monday morning extremely nervous (cause I hadn't been at camp for a year and because this year I was also taking a step up into the intermediate camp for more experianced riders). I was astonished because there were about a billion girls and only... 3 boys. Yes, you heard me right. T-H-R-E-E-!!!!! It was crazy. I already knew one of them (Hunter from Travels of a Teen) and the other was named Toemose. He was really cool and we became friends fast.
Entering the stables, I was estatic as I saw all the horses I'd become so well acquainted with over my years of going. The one in particular that caught my eye though, was the tall, large, American Quarter Horse called Champ. I'd ridden him my last two years and he was by far my favorite horse. This year though, we were told we would not be riding one, single horse. We'd be riding a wide variety of different ones, which was a prospect that greatly excited me. Luckily, we would still be choosing a horse to groom every morning so I immediately chose Champ. :D
Now, to get to the riding. Honestly, this had to be one of the most beneficial years for me in developing the skill. I received the oppertunity to ride bareback, Western saddled, and English saddled on all sorts of horses. On bareback, I practiced trotting, lopping, and tandem (two people on one horse). Hunter and I teemed up for this part and it was so much fun. We took turns riding in the front and back, and when in the back, we occasionally were instructed to close our eyes while the person in the front turned the horse in all sorts of disorientating angles, making the person behind develop a good sense of balance while bareback. English saddle was pretty fun too, but not as fun as I thought it would be, so I won't dwell on it. Western Saddle: Amazing. I love it. I got to practice barrels, keyhole, four-in-a-row, and poles in a lope and tons of other awesome things.
Friday, the final day of camp, came all to soon for me, but I had anticipated it since it was the day of the show: when all the parents came and watched while all of us displayed techniques and skills we'd learned throughout the week. I loved it. The best thing was that I got to ride Champ!!! There were alot of people requesting him to ride for the show and I was SO lucky I got him. :D The show was awesome. I rode and didn't make any serious mistakes besides knocking down a pole while demonstrating four-in-a-row. So yeah, I really enjoyed it.
Man, I wish I had pictures! I was supposed to get some e-mailed to me so I could post them on my blog but I guess Roselawn's administrator must have forgotten. I'll post the pics if I get them though.

Just a quick update. I finished "The Echoes from the Edge," series by Bryan Davis a little while ago... And it was so good. Very well written. If any of you are searching for a novel series to read, check them out!!! :D

By the way, thank you Elrania for the award! And also, thanks Marian for the tag! I'll do it as soon as I can. :D



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanover Harvest Festival

I am exhausted! Since this morning, I've been working at a festival in Hanover (a city close to mine) with my church to raise money to pay off the expenses of the FLY convention. Although it was tiring, I enjoyed it.
I was placed in charge of the "Golfing Range." An area where kids paid a dollar to putt and chip golf balls to win candy bars, sodas, ect. At first it was extremely tedious because we had absolutely no customers for about an hour. And then suddenly, people just started showing up. Soon, there was a crowd of kids just huddled around, sipping the pops and eating the candy they'd won while watching the numerous participants lined up test their luck at the golfing as well. Our church's goal was to earn 1,000 dollars at the fair. In the end, it was estimated we had gained 2,000 dollars, so everyone was pretty pleased by the outcome. :D

Also, my horse camp begins on Monday! Since I've been attending it for four years, I've qualified to go to the "Intermediate Camp" for more experianced equestrians. I'm so excited. The camp runs from Monday to Friday and is incredible. The horses are awesome, and the people there are really cool, so yeah, I can't wait!!!

Quick shout out to Josh and Bekah: WELCOME BACK!!! :D The missions trip sounded so AWESOME!!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whitewater State Park

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've been gone on my family's annual camping trip to Whitewater State Park: a beautiful, mosquitoe-less camping range up in northern Minnesota. It was a blast.
First of all, my old friend Jackson who moved to Pennsylvania a couple years ago and his family went camping with us also, as well as some other awesome friends. We spent the time exploring the various rivers and creeks, swimming at Whitewater's FREEZING cold beach, biking, and just lounging around camp having fun. :D There, I was also introduced to the game, Bannagrams, and it's awesome. I'm totally addicted. It's alot like scrabble and me and my bro, Alex, had some pretty intense matches piecing words together in an effort to win our best-out-of-five wins competition. It stunk cause he won in the final game... but oh well. :D
One of the highlights of the trip was climbing this massive, abandon fire tower atop this giant hill. I thought it would be a piece of cake at first, but once I had only climbed the first flight of stairs leading to the top of the tower, my stomach told me otherwise. But anyways, I made it to the top, and the view was incredible. It was so much fun.
So yeah, the camping trip was amazing! :D

Also, thank you Elrania for following my blog! :D :D :D



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tag from Abby

What time is it? 6:46 PM

What was the last, outdoor activity you did? A game of basketball with my cousin, Joe

Do you have an e-mail adress? Yes

How many followers do you have? 16 :D

How long have you been on the computer today? Ummm... Maybe thirty minutes?

Who was the last person you talked on the phone with? This librarian who informed me the book I'd ordered had finished being transfered to my local library. :D

Are you happy right now? Yeah. But I'm also really tired cause I've been outside pretty much all day.

Do you want to get a horse someday? Yes! That would rock! I've been taking a horsecamp at this ranch up in Northern Minnesota for the past four years and it's been really awesome. It would be really cool if I could have my own horse. :D

How many pets do you have? Well... My family used to have an awesome dog named Casey, but he died about a year ago because of cancer... So all we have now is a little baita fish. :(

Do you have a playlist? Yes, it's at the bottom of this page.

Are you having a fun summer? Yeah, it's been busy but fun, so yeah, I'm enjoying it.

What books are you reading now? Eternity's Edge, book 2 in Bryan Davis' Echoes from the Edge trilogy, and book four of the Fablehaven series.

What is the most advanced book you've read? I don't really know...

Do you like your blog? Yeah

How many tags have you gotten? Ummm... 3 I think

What is the most recent award you've gotten? The C for Contagious Blog Award and the Smiley Award :D

Who gave you your first tag? Wow, I can't even remember...

Who gave you this tag? Abby from Contemplations

Do you have a three column template? Yeah, I think so

What are you doing tomorrow? Well, my aunt and uncle with their three kids have been missionaries in Uganda, Africa for about three years now, and they just returned to Minnesota for a six month stay back in the states. So they're coming over to my house tomorrow to hang out. :D

How long have you been on blogger? Umm... I think since December or January. Can't remember which one.

How many times have you changed your profile pic? About four times

What is the most comments you've gotten on a post (not including yourself) ? I think 8 comments

Are you having fun on this tag? Yep

What is the one thing you want right now? Followers! Oh, and a laptop! :D :D :D

Is your profile name your real name? Yes

What is your favorite animals? Horses

What is your favorite movie (chose only one) ? Ugh, this is tough... I have to say the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I mean seriously, what can beat it?

Have you seen Star Treck? Nope

What are you favorite fictional characters?
Aragorn from LoTR
Aidan Thomas from Door Within
Percy Jackson from the Olympians
Will Treaty from Ranger's Apprentice
Eragon from Eragon

Are you hungry? No

Should you get off the computer right now? Yeah, probably. :D

I tag anyone who wants to do it!



Monday, July 20, 2009

Beyond The Reflections Edge

I just finished a novel by the author, Bryan Davis, called Beyond The Reflection's Edge; the first installment in his relatively new series, Echoes from the Edge... and I really enjoyed it.

Publisher's Review: This fast-paced adventure fantasy trilogy starts with a murder and leads teenagers Nathan and Kelly out of their once-familiar world as they struggle to find answers to the tragedy. A mysterious mirror with phantom images, a camera that takes pictures of things that can't see, and a violin that unlocks unrecognizable voices... each enigma takes the teens farther into an alternate universe where nothings is as it seems...
At first I thought it sounded a little strange, but once I got into it I was immediately intrigued by it. Bryan was so adept at building his plot, developing his characters, and displaying the action that I was completely captivated. So yeah, if you're looking for something to read, I strongly recommend Beyond the Reflection's Edge. It's a really great book.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Utterly Awesome

I arrived back from FLY early Sunday morning on a coach bus filled with youth from my church and various others and I have to say: the convention was probably the greatest, or at least one of the greatest experiances in my life. I won't go into depth explaining each and every day but seriously, it was absolutely incredible. We had two main sermons each day; the morning service, and the evening service and the speakers were spectacular, and I mean move-you-so-much-that-you-go-back-to-your-dorm-sobbing spectacular. They talked and preached with such conviction that pretty much everyone in my youth group had tears streaming down their faces by the end of the first night! One speaker I'd like to point out was named Eric Ludy, and he, was definitely my favorite. This man was SOLD-OUT for Christ. He even remarked during his sermon, "People hate me because of my beliefs, and I love it!" I remember going back to my dorm room that night, sitting down on the floor with my back against my bed, and sobbing. During Eric's message, I realized I hadn't been living all for Christ. Sometimes us Christians just try to slip by, holding on to all these temporary things and making our daily decisions ourselves without God leading us. And I saw that I was one of these Christians, holding onto MY dreams, MY plans, MY ambitions, MY stuff and not letting Jesus come in and take over. I'd been basically putting my goals and things ahead of God, and that night in my dorm I finally said I'd had enough. Enough of plotting out my own course in life, enough of clinging to earthly things. I prayed, "Lord, I can't do this on my own. Please come in and take complete control over my life." And surprisingly, I didn't feel all morose or gloomy about giving these things up. All of those things just suddenly felt so meaningless...
The rest of the week was awesome as well. From 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. all the youth received free-time to spend as they chose. So during this period I had the oppertunity of climbing a massive mountain called Emerald Peak (or something like that), playing tons of basketball, competeing against my friends on this minigolf course FLY has and in ping-pong, and pretty much just hanging out. Oh, and me and Ryan signed up for this archery session the convention provided using recurve bows which was lots of fun. :D
So after going to FLY, I can tell you one thing. If you ever have the chance to go, GO!!! It was utterly incredible and you will NOT be disappointed. I can promise you that.

Well, that's my overview of FLY.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Estes Park, Colorado for the FLY convention (a week-long, collosal christian convention for youth). I get to ride a coach bus with a bunch of my friends for twenty-two hours until we reach Colorado on Monday. :D At the convention, there's going to be TONS of different bible studies and sessions which I can attend and there will also be alot of free-time for the youth in which we can do many, awesome activities. Plus, the location for FLY (Estes Park) is nestled high up in the Rockies and is surrounded by breathtaking, snowcapped mountains, towering trees, and various other incredible views so yeah, I'm really excited! :D
Since I depart for the convention at 2:20 p.m. tomorrow, this is probably going to be my final post until I return from the trip... So I guess this is goodbye... *sobs* jk, lol. But yeah, I hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July and I'll cya y'all later!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Lord of the Rings vs. Narnia

Gimli vs. Trumpkin?

Gandalf vs. Professor Cornelius?

The White Witch vs. Saruman?
Hmmm, that's a tough one... Probably the White Witch

Gandalf vs. Aslan?
Aslan definitely

Aragorn vs. Aslan?

Narnia vs. Middle Earth?
I have to say Middle Earth

Prince Caspian vs. Frodo?

Susan vs. Arwen?

Edmund vs. Merry?
Edmund cause he's more heroic and valorous

Lucy vs. Pippin?

Peter vs. Haldir?

The Dancing Lawn vs. Lothlorien?
Hmm... Lothlorien

Centaurs vs. elves?
Elves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Peter's sword vs. Anduril?
*thinks really hard* probably Peter's blade, Rhindon...

Susan's magic bow and arrows vs. Legolas's bow of Galadrim?
Legolas's Bow

Wargs vs. Werewolves?

The Witch's castle vs. The Tower of Barad-dur?
The Witch's caste

Gryphons vs. Eagles?
... tie

Uruk-hai vs. Telemarines?

Catapults vs. Oliphaunts?
Oliphaunts!!! They're awesome!!!

Cair Paravel vs. Rivendell?
Oh, this is the toughtest Q yet... Ugh... Cair Paravel

Alright, I tag anyone who wants to do this tag, although I think pretty much everyones already done it. :)



Results for my three polls are in.

First of all, the book poll: The Door Within Trilogy vs. The Dragonkeeper Chronicles... The Door Within recieved 8 votes. The Dragonkeeper Chronicles received 3 votes. And there were also 3 votes for Tie. The Door Within Trilogy is victorious!!!

Now for the Lord of the Rings character poll: Aragorn: 5 votes, Legolas: 6 votes, Gimli: 2 votes, Frodo: 0 votes, Haldir: o votes, Gandalf: 0 votes, Eomer: 0 votes, Arwen: 1 vote, Boromir: 0 votes, Eowyn: 2 votes, Faramir: 0 votes.
First place with 6 votes: Legolas
Second place with 5 votes: Aragorn
Both tied for third with 2 votes: Gimli and Eowyn
What!? Legolas beat Aragorn???!!! *groan* NOOOOOOOO!!! :-( Grrrr, why does everyone think Legolas is better? Aragorn is just so AWESOME!!! Well, at least Aragorn only lost by one vote...

And finally, the name poll. The top two titles are Saerlin and Beltor. Hmmmm, interesting... very interesting. I'll use those names in my story. :D

Thanks for voting!


Monday, June 22, 2009

New Background

Alright, so what do you guys think of the new background? I think its medieval feel goes along better with my blog title than my old one did... so yeah, if you all could comment and tell me wether or not you like the new background, that'd be great!


Hilton Head, South Carolina

The reason I haven't posted for so long is because for the past ten days my family has been in Hilton Head, South Carolina, enjoying our summer vacation. Hilton Head is an island off SC filled with beautiful, forested landscape and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. My family stayed at a resort really close to the ocean, so close that we could just take one look out of one of our villa's windows and we could see it. Unfortunately, out of the six days I was there, I was healthy for only one. On the second day I caught a fever, sore throat, and cough that lasted throughout the rest of my stay. Since my parents thought it was strange I'd had a fever for so long, my dad took me into the doctor on our last day in Hilton Head. The doctor suggested that I take this type of medication called "z-packs" to try to prevent my condition from evolving into something worse like pneumonia. Ironically, it turned out I was allergic to the z-pack medication because that night a bad case of hives (an extremely itchy skin rash) broke out all over me, making my last night miserable.
After two days of driving, my family arrived back in Minnesota and I have to say I was thankful to be home. Right now I'm still a little under the weather with a case of pneumonia (I luckily caught it quick enough that I can deal with so it doesn't become serious) and the hives so if you guys could pray for me that would be greatly appreciated. :D

Also, I've been lately reading the novels by the christian author, Ted Dekker, and they are awesome! So if you're looking around for something to read, you might want to try out his Lost Books of History chronicles or his Circle Trilogy. They are all very well-written.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Lord of The Rings Tag

Alright, I was tagged by Bekah for the favorite places on Middle-Earth tag:

1. My first favorite place on Middle-Earth is Gondor, where Aragorn (my fave LoTR character) and Arwen reign.

2. My second favorite location on Middle-Earth is Rivendell.

3. My third favorite place in Middle-Earth is Rohan, home of Eomer, Eowyn, and the Riders of Rohan.

4. The Shire, the home of the ring-bearer Frodo and his companion Sam, is my fourth favorite site on Middle-Earth.

5. And lastly, Isengard is my fifth favorite location in Middle-Earth. I don't know why I like it.... I guess maybe because of the massive battle waged there between the Orks and the Ents.

And those, are my five favorite Middle-Earth locations!!! I tag any LoTR fan who wants to do the tag!!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009


Last night, I went with Josh, Alex, Bekah, and Hannah to see Night in the Museum Two, Battle of the Smithsonian... And it is totally AWESOME!!! The whole movie is packed with action, humor, and battle and I would definitely recommend seeing it if you haven't already. After watching the film, we snacked on ice cream cones at McDonalds while laughing our heads off about scenes from the Night in the Museum 2.

Hmmm, so what else is new with me... Last weekend me, my dad, my brothers, and some friends of ours from church went on our annual Boundary Waters trip. We had a blast canoeing, exploring, skirmishing with wooden blades, slingshotting, and just relaxing in the quiet, peaceful terrain of northern Minnesota.
I've also got a bunch of awards lately, so for all you guys who've awarded me, thanks!!!

Well, I think I'm going to go read more of "The Lightning Thief" (first book in the Olympians Series written by Rick Riordan). The series is so good, that I'm rereading it.


Jake or Neurion (Nur-ee-on) in elvish

Monday, May 18, 2009

Confirmation and Polls

I just got confirmed yesterday and it was one of the best days of my life. Half-way through the church sermon on Sunday about seven confirmation students and I were called down to be obviously, comfirmed. All the student's parents came as well and we stood in front of the entire church congregation while our pastor and parents prayed for us and then let us participate in communion. I broke down while the church leaders were praying for us. I just felt so... I don't know, loved? It was just very cool and I felt a really deep connection with God as I confessed that He is my Lord and partook in communion. After doing communion, the confirmation students and I watched our testimonies (which we wrote and then said on camera earlier) were played in front of the church.

The results for the Eragon vs. Harry Potter poll are in: Eragon: 13-Harry Potter 0
Wow... That was a total blowout. I haven't actually read the Harry Potter books but they are talked about so much, I wanted to see how it would compare with one of my favorite series: The Inheritance Series. From looking at the poll, I guess Harry Potter can't really compare with Eragon at all!!! :-D
There were also 8 votes for Don't like Either, 2 for Tie, and 0 for Never heard of them.

Well, since that poll is over, I've created a new LoTR character poll, a name poll, and a book poll comparing two different series. The book poll is comparing the two series:

The Door Within Trilogy


The DragonKeeper Chronicles

What are you waiting for? Start voting!!!
Until next post, Namarie!!!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Tag and Confirmation

I'm sooo sorry for not posting in, let me check... No way, this is crazy. It's been FIFTEEN days since I last posted!!! That's really, really bad... I'll try to write entries more often from now on...

Anyway, I saw this free tag on a blog and I thought I'd try it out...


Color? Maroon

Candy? Twix or Airheads

Main Dish? Hmmmm... idk

Desert? Death By Chocolate: This amazing cake blended with whip-cream, heath bars, chocolate fudge, and a bunch of other unhealthy ingrediants...

Drink? Grape Soda's

Veggie? Brocolli and Red Peppers (Not the Spicy Kind!!!)

~Do You?~

Go to Starbuck's Coffee Shop? Occasionally... The only things I ever order their are smoothies and chocolate mocha's though...

Go to the mall alot? No!

Talk on the phone everyday to someone who is not family? No

Read your Bible everyday? Yes, mostly everyday, but sometimes I forget

Do lots of reading? YES!!!

See your grandparents everyday? Yeah, most days I do

Bake a lot? NO! I'm probably the worst chef on the planet. Pretty much the only thing I can make kind of well are fried eggs.

Clean your room everyday? No, not usually...

Have to say you're sorry to someone everday? Sometimes

~A Certain Thing You Dislike Of Each Category~

Veggie? Spinach

Color? Pink!

Drink? Can't think of one I dislike at the moment

Animal? Snakes and Lizards...

~Do You Have A?~

Pet? No, I used to have a dog but it died from cancer...

Gift Card At The Moment? No

Sewing Machine? No

Big Mess Under Your Bed? No

Back of Gum in your Bag or Purse? Yeah...

Computer in Your Room? No, but I really want one!!!!!!!!!!!

~Have You Ever?~

Been on a Plane? Yes

Been Out of State? Yeah

Out of the Country? Yeah, I spent four years of my childhood in Saudi Arabia (my parent's were missionaries there) and I've visited England

Been in an Eighteen Wheeler? No

Been in a Car Accident? Thankfully No!

Read about a hundred and fifty page book in an hour? Depends on if the books good or not... But yeah, I've read some books with 150 pages in an hour...

~Your Favorite Place To?~

Go Shopping? Ummm, probably Aeropostale

Eat Out? P.F.Changs, but it's pretty expensive so I don't eat there very often... Oh, Subways really good too!!!

Read a good book at? Shut up somewhere like in a closet or small room where it's quiet...


What color is your room? Yellow

Do you share a room with anyone? Yeah, my bro

Have you ever gone swimming in a pond? Don't think so...

How old are you? 12

What year were you born? 1997

Are you related to anyone important or famous? Queen Victoria I think.

Have you ever met a vice president? No

Are you getting bored yet? Nope

What are you thinking? ...

Who will you tag next? This tag is for anyone who wants to do it!!!

Alright, I'm finished... I better get some sleep because tomorrow I'm getting confirmed!!! I'm really excited and can't wait!!! The only bad thing is I have to wear this showy white and blue striped shirt and plad shorts that look... I don't know, punkish, for-a-seventeenyear'old-ish?
Anyway, I have to go to bed...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Archery and The Door Within

Man... I'm a terrible poster!!! Sorry for not writing an entry for ages!!! Anyway, I recieved the oppertunity to, with my coop, try archery at this suvival class thing... And it-is-AWESOME!!! First off, our instructor talked about safety but then afterwards he told us all to find out which of our eyes was dominant. Once I discovered I was left-eyed, he produced a lefty bow for me... Then he taught us how to position ourselves, hold the bow, pull back the bowstring, how far back to pull the string, ect. until we finally we started shooting. I was really nervous because I didn't think I'd be able to handle the compound bow well with my left hand, but I attemped it nevertheless and was instantly rewarded with a shaft pinned on the target's bulls-eye. Exhilerated, I continued to practice until unfortunately, are archery period ended...

Another highlight of the this week has been reading. I'm currently rereading the Door Within Trilogy, and I'm constantly amazed by the author's (Wayne Thomas Batson) skill. He's incredibly talented at writing and his books are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you haven't already devoured his Door Within Trilogy, I strongly recommend reading it!!!

Well... I don't really have anything else to say so I think I'm going to end this post.
Until next time! Namarie! (I think that word means Good-Bye in elvish but I'm not certain) :-)


Friday, April 17, 2009


Alright, I've gotten tagged twice now by Earwen and Hannah... I think I know how to do them so here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was born in Minnesota, and then when I hadn't even turned one yet, my parents decided to become missionaries in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia). So my whole family (My dad, mom, brother, and me) set out for our destination. When we arrived, my family settled into a beautiful house in Dubai (this place in the Middle East). Once there, my mom and dad recieved teaching jobs at schools, planning to try introducing christianity to fellow teachers and the kids. During my mom and dad's work hours, I stayed in the care of an Irish nanny named, "Mrs. Kay." She was soooo cool!!! After four years of Middle Eastern missionary work, my parents decided it was time to return to the Untited States.

Boarding a plane after saying many difficult goodbyes, my family left the Middle East, both saddened by the thought of leaving so many good friends, and excited to return to so many others.

When I arrived at the states, I was four years old and completely mystified by how strange it was here. No desert. No camels. None of that. Only beautiful woods, fields, and massive buildings. My family then purchased a house in Minnesota near our relatives, and almost immediately afterwards I met TONS of spectacular friends.
Well... That was pretty much the most interesting stage of my life... I'm still living in Minnesota: A Homeschooler, Book & Writing Lover, Guitarist, Pianist, Sport Participant, E-mailer, Gamer, Blogger and most importantly... A follower of Jesus Christ!

I wish I could say more but I gtg... I hope I did a good job with these tags!!!

Jake <><

PS: My friend just made a blog. Here's the link:
It's really cool and I think you'd all like it, so check it out!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts of a Warrior

It's settled!!! The title "Thoughts of a Warrior" earned the most votes, so it has officially replaced the name "Jake's Auspicious Blog" and become my blog's new, and permanent blog title!!! The quote under the title is from one of my favorite books, The Door Within: One of the best novels In The WORLD!!!!!!

Aside from getting a new blog title, I've also been tagged twice now by Earwen and Hannah... So just to let you guys know, I'll try to do those as soon as I can when I have enough time.

Alright, I gtg, cya y'all later!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and... A New Blog Title???

Well, Easter just finished... On Good Friday I attended a service at a Church (Open Door) where I watched and listened to a both touching and eye-opening presentation of everything Jesus went through to save all of us sinners and wretches. Then on Sunday, I celebrated Easter at my church, and with my relatives... It was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!
Alright, so lately, I've been wondering wether or not I should change the title of my blog... I mean, doesn't it sound kind of lame??? "Jake's Auspicious Blog." I'm making a poll right now so I can see what you all think so please vote so I know what to do!!! Thanks!!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break, Award, and Followers

Alright, my spring break just ended, and it was one of the best weeks of my life!!! I was able to hang out with friends alot, visit MOA (Mall of America) where I tried out the Nick Theme Park and read fantastic new novels at Barnes & Noble, and went to IKEAH where I devoured a delicious meal of Swedish meatballs... *contented sigh* It was a blast!
Anyway, I just recieved my first award!!! Alright, so it is kind of girly, but hey, I've been really wanting an award lately so thank you Hannah for awarding my blog!!!

Hmmm, what else to say... Well, I really want more followers so don't hesitate to follow my blog if you aren't already doing so. Thanks!!!

I'm going to go write now so cya y'all later and God bless!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wow, this is my first blog post this month... Yikes, I've been a very unfaithful blogger lately.
Anyway, last month I published a post in which I was talking about a story I was planning out... Well, I've been working on it the last couple of days and I wanted to show you guys the prologue for it... PLEASE comment and tell me if it's good or not!!! Thanks!

“I will make you an offer,” Saurilin rasped, crossing his arms and lowering his head, letting his midnight black hair veil one of his dark blue eyes. “You do your share of the work, and I will give you whatever you and your kin desires: gold, land, power ... anything you seek. Just promise me you will do everything in your strength to ensure the end of them.”
A deep laugh echoed through the candlelit room and a voice answered, “We will do this work. But you must promise me that you will hold to your offer. We are not fools. When this is over and if you have your way, you will betray us.”
In less than a second, a sword appeared centimeters from Saurilin’s neck. The figure moved nearer to Saurilin until they were uncomfortably close. Saurilin grimaced as a sickening stench descended upon him causing nausea to settle in his stomach.
“If you trick me,” the figure said pressing his scimitar against Saurilin’s neck, drawing a trickle of blood, “You. Will. Die.”
Mustering up his composure, Saurilin responded, “There will be no trickery from me, I assure you.”
The dark figure hesitantly removed his sword from Saurilin’s neck and slid it back into its sheath.
“What are your orders?” the creature questioned. A malicious grin flashed across Saurilin’s face and he replied, “For your first task, you will go to the realm of Bel’trake, and once there, to Awlen. Destroy the village… Show no mercy… Let no one live…”

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hello Y'all,

What's Going Down??? jk

I'm soooo tired right now!!! But the cause of my weariness was awesome!!! I got to spend the weekend at the ARK (a christian organization). The ARK, used to be a USA army base, but now it's been transformed into a marvelous, christian, retreat center. While I was there I got to bunk in this dorm room called Shunem Dan with some of my friends. We got to play basketball, go tubing on this massive ramp connected to a water tower, and learn about and worship God, the King of kings. So yeah, now I'm just sitting here, typing on a keyboard, staring at a computer screen, and killing my brain cells.

I've been planning out a story lately and I like how it's turning out. The main character (I know you think this is "name stealing" blah blah blah) is called, Aedan. He's a fifteen year old elf who lives in Eslandor, the Elfin Kingdom in some city with a name I can't remember...
His village resting on the boundaries of Eslandor is attacked by Vorgouls (these bad creatures I made up) causing an urgent need for evacuation. His parents are killed in the vorgoul incursion so Aedan doesn't know what to do. Is friend Cadeyn joins the elven army while is other friend Nyara leads an evacuation into the southern mountains. Gazing into a clear river, Aedan contemplates what he should do with his now broken future. Then he sees a glimmering object in the river, grabs it, and then discovers its a dragon egg. I could tell you more but I think I'd be typing here for another hour if I did...

Alright, I have to go...
I'm going to see what my brother's doing... (Dun Dun Dun!) jk

See Y'all Later,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yawn=My Poetic Powers

I just got home from an excruciating basketball practice... We ran two down and backs, two half court-full courts, one killer, and one nightmaker (equals one killer, and 3 down and backs)!!! It was fun though...
Tomorrow I'm out of the house immediately for a piano lesson and a writing class session (I take this writing class in Plymoth). My bones are aching, and my heads starting to... spin...
Alright I've really quickly composed a poem about my weariness... (It's kind choppy (terrible!) but bear with me). :-) :-) :-)

I played basketball from evening to nightfall my harms now feel like lead...
I feel so tired and weary, I'm now considering going to bed...
My heart beat is dull and I almost can't breath, I'm gasping for every breath...
I weakly turn my head sideways and see a picture with a person on it called Jeff...
With a cough I know i must stay strong
With a shake I know I must stay awake
With a punch and lunch and a piece of pie I finally sigh... "I will SURVIVE!!!"

Okay, my poetic impulse had gone away now... *yawn*
I'm going to bed, to rest my weary head... *sigh* I'm a tired guy
WHYYYYYY, I can't stop this RYHME!!!
I'll be stuck like this for a very long time!!!
This should be a crime!!!
The person responsible for this should get fined!!!
I feel so resigned...

Okay, NOW i'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This isn't any fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like puns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, what a... a... nothing ryhmes!!! the spells broken!!! haha!!!

Okay, sorry, I can be that way sometimes, off in crazy cool land... *distant look*
Alright this is getting to long, and in this message there was to much song!!!
That was so wrong, uhhh MON!!!

Alright, cya


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey Everyone,

After working late on school for the past two days, I think I've competed my Nero assignment!!! O'yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* I'm so glad I'm done!!! The assignment was to collect five sources about Nero, reading through all of them thoroughly, then create a page filled with all five source's biographies... So yeah
Wow, Nero was a ruthless tyrant!!! He killed a lot of his family to get to the Roman Throne, including his mother, wife, and his trusted mentor, Seneca!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!! I don't believe that Nero was playing his lyre while Rome burned in the Great Roman Fire, but I think he did set it deliberately so he could clear out space for his magnificent palace, "The Golden House."
Sorry, you guys probably have no idea what I'm talking about... Wow, I ramble on alot!!! lol


Sunday, January 25, 2009


Okay, I've been gone most of the day due to church activies, and now I'm finally home!!!

I have this dread lingering on my shoulders cause tomorrow school starts, thus singaling the start of another tedious, laborious (sometimes interesting) 5 days of school... To make it all the worse, I have to complete an assignment for an essay about Nero, the Roman Emperor next week!!!

gasp I know I said I like writing but not the kind where I'm writing a report or essay about a historical person... I'm more of a fiction writer person!!!


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Alright, I just added a pacman game and a background to my blog!!!
Hmmm, I'm not sure if the background fits though...
What do u guys think???



Wow, I justs came back from a VERY intense basketball match!!! It was my team, the Nets, vs. our opponents, the Timberwolves. The game was tied at the start of the last period 22 to 22, and I went in to play my position at Point Guard. In the end, we won, 27 to 22!!!
Basketball is soo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, January 23, 2009

All Set

Alright, I've been working on this blog for maybe 1 hour and it's finally starting to take shape!!! Whohooooooo!!! Wow, everyones always told me how much fun blogging was, but I never tried it, until today! They were correct, blogging is fun!!!!!!!!!



Hello All, welcome to my first blog!!!

If there's one thing you should know about me is that I love writing and reading. Writing is my all-time favorite subject! Anything that has to do with words, letters, sentences, grammary, ect!!! I've many times attempted creating stories, but abrupt changes in my imagination cause me to start over numerous times to get a story that I can sink right into. My role-model authors would definantly be, Christopher Paolini, John Flanagan, Wayne Thomas Batson, and Rick Riordan. They're all fantastic writers, that I'd recommend very highly!!!