Saturday, October 24, 2009

Books, Words, ect.

I woke up really early this morning to get to my library's huge book sale with my dad and my bro's Alex and Matthew. It was awesome. Unfortunately, the sale was already packed with people so we hurried to see what good books remained. In the end, I bought (for only 1 dollar!!!) two books: Webster's New World Thesaurus and the first book in The Bartimaeus Trilogy. By the way, has anyone read the trilogy before? It just looked pretty good but I don't really know anything about the series...
The thing that aggravated me was that I didn't look through the thesaurus until I'd already purchased it, and that's when I found out it didn't have the words: ameliorate, halcyon, gregarious, abscond, ebullient, voluminous, and a bunch of other really good ones. What kind of thesaurus doesn't have those incredible words? *groans* Oh well, I guess it's still an okay thesaurus. On the way back from the sale, I was thinking how awesome it would be to collect thesauruses. Wouldn't that be cool?
Right now I'm reading This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti: It's awesome. Totally, absolutely, completely awe-some. I'm not far enough yet to give a good report of it but if you're looking for something to read, get it!!!




Bekah said...

AWESOME! I've heard of the Trilogy, but haven't actually read it.
Ugh...I have this pocket thesaurus and it's pretty neat but it has like NO words in it *sighs* well it's really small so it's good to carry around, but still...The Synonym Finder is incredibly better. :)
Oh my word. "This Present Darkness" is one of the most amazing books in the world. I was so in love with it I bought "Piercing The Darkness" (the sequel) before reading it, and it's MUCH more boring then the first one. I haven't even finished it, I was so disappointed in it. :D Oh, and three other books by Frank Peretti that I have read recently, "Tilly," "The Oath" and "Prophet", are pretty good too. They're DEFINITELY not as good as "This Present Darkness" though. "Tilly" is really sad, and "The Oath" and "Prophet" are slightly confusing. "The Oath" is freaky and "Prophet" is cool, but they're both pretty confusing.
*laughs* Hannah M. and I have this REALLY odd joke about "The Oath" that you won't get until you read it. I bought it, read it, was freaked out that the dragon was going to kill me, then lent it to her, and when she gave it back, SHE was freaked out 'cause she thought the dragon in "The Oath" was going to kill her. Whoever the dragon chooses to kill gets black pus over their hearts, so... *sigh* it's really complicated, but we both thought we had the pus, and we both going to die. And so whenever we see each other we freak out. *laughs* whenever I think of "The Oath" I think of Hannah and I freaking out over the pus... :D she'll probably be embarrassed I told you. ^^
Whoa, this comment is super long. *laughs*


PS thanks for emailing me about "Midnight", it completely encouraged me to keep writing it. :)

Seth Skogerboe said...

You woke up early you, say? How early? Three in the morning early? Or two in the morning early? How early? How much time are you willing to sacrifice for a good book sale? Hmmmmmmm? Naw, I'm just kidding. I couldn't wake up at 2 to save my life.:) Thesaurus collecting, huh? That sounds interesting, illuminating, enlightening, enticing. What kinds of thesaurus would you be looking for, searching for, venturing towards? Old, ancient, antique? Or thesaurus in different languages, dialects? Decide, make up your mind/equilibrium. -Seth :)

Josh S. said...

Yeah...thesaurus collecting... *half-hearted* woo-hoo!!....*silence*
Lol, JK! But, yeah that's cool! Books for a buck! what could be better?


Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! =D I love looking through books and finding really good ones! Sorry about the thesaurus. I heard that Frank Peretti write creepy. Oh..well.
My older sister (not Earwen) bought some books for her little son at value village for 50 cents! I think she bought around 8 books. =D

God Bless You And Your Family,

Jordyn said...

Does it have Pulchritudinous in it?
Because, according to Ms. Brekke, it's not a worthy thesaurus if it doesn't have pulchritudinous in it.


Jake M. said...

*laughs* No, it did not have pulchritudinous either. Therefore, it is not worthy. *groans* I think I'll just stick with my synonym finder. :D