Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Wow, this is my first blog post this month... Yikes, I've been a very unfaithful blogger lately.
Anyway, last month I published a post in which I was talking about a story I was planning out... Well, I've been working on it the last couple of days and I wanted to show you guys the prologue for it... PLEASE comment and tell me if it's good or not!!! Thanks!

“I will make you an offer,” Saurilin rasped, crossing his arms and lowering his head, letting his midnight black hair veil one of his dark blue eyes. “You do your share of the work, and I will give you whatever you and your kin desires: gold, land, power ... anything you seek. Just promise me you will do everything in your strength to ensure the end of them.”
A deep laugh echoed through the candlelit room and a voice answered, “We will do this work. But you must promise me that you will hold to your offer. We are not fools. When this is over and if you have your way, you will betray us.”
In less than a second, a sword appeared centimeters from Saurilin’s neck. The figure moved nearer to Saurilin until they were uncomfortably close. Saurilin grimaced as a sickening stench descended upon him causing nausea to settle in his stomach.
“If you trick me,” the figure said pressing his scimitar against Saurilin’s neck, drawing a trickle of blood, “You. Will. Die.”
Mustering up his composure, Saurilin responded, “There will be no trickery from me, I assure you.”
The dark figure hesitantly removed his sword from Saurilin’s neck and slid it back into its sheath.
“What are your orders?” the creature questioned. A malicious grin flashed across Saurilin’s face and he replied, “For your first task, you will go to the realm of Bel’trake, and once there, to Awlen. Destroy the village… Show no mercy… Let no one live…”