Tuesday, September 22, 2009


School has been extremely laborious the last couple weeks. It's been fun, but its been really time consuming, explaining why I haven't posted or commented for a loooong while. The subject that's really taking forever is my history. I have about a billion books I have to read every day which takes at least TWO hours!!! Not to say the books aren't interesting, but it just gets kind of tedious spending all that time learning American history... *shrugs* so yeah.
Although the last three weeks have consisted mosly of school, I've also had time for a lot of reading, a plethora of writing (I've been working on a novel of my own for a while. I think it's about a hundred and thirty pages double-spaced so far), and this year my uncle convinced me to try out fantasy football and I have to say: It's awesome. The competition is just really fun and exhilerating. :D
Sorry to cut this entry short, but I've got to go start working on my writing class draft before my dad edits it tonight... *groan*



Tuesday, September 1, 2009


About a week ago I would of said I was dreading the arrival of school, but now, I'm anticipating it. First of all, a homeschool, education-center called WEST opened up right in my neighborhood within walking distance of my house. There, I'm taking a writing class from my awesome writing teacher who's classes I've attended for the past two years.
Secondly, my math is looking a lot more fun this year as I'm moving into more interesting sections of it.
Last of all, science is looking more enjoyable as well, so yeah. I'm really excited to begin! :D

So what have I been doing lately? Well... a lot of writing. I just figured out the book I'm working on has reached a hundred some pages (double-spaced). A lot of reading... And mostly just relaxing until school starts on September eighth. Once it starts I probably wont' be able to post much though, so yeah, just a little heads up if I'm absent from the blogging world for a while.
Well, that's pretty much it. Hope you guys all have an awesome start to school!