Monday, June 22, 2009

New Background

Alright, so what do you guys think of the new background? I think its medieval feel goes along better with my blog title than my old one did... so yeah, if you all could comment and tell me wether or not you like the new background, that'd be great!


Hilton Head, South Carolina

The reason I haven't posted for so long is because for the past ten days my family has been in Hilton Head, South Carolina, enjoying our summer vacation. Hilton Head is an island off SC filled with beautiful, forested landscape and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. My family stayed at a resort really close to the ocean, so close that we could just take one look out of one of our villa's windows and we could see it. Unfortunately, out of the six days I was there, I was healthy for only one. On the second day I caught a fever, sore throat, and cough that lasted throughout the rest of my stay. Since my parents thought it was strange I'd had a fever for so long, my dad took me into the doctor on our last day in Hilton Head. The doctor suggested that I take this type of medication called "z-packs" to try to prevent my condition from evolving into something worse like pneumonia. Ironically, it turned out I was allergic to the z-pack medication because that night a bad case of hives (an extremely itchy skin rash) broke out all over me, making my last night miserable.
After two days of driving, my family arrived back in Minnesota and I have to say I was thankful to be home. Right now I'm still a little under the weather with a case of pneumonia (I luckily caught it quick enough that I can deal with so it doesn't become serious) and the hives so if you guys could pray for me that would be greatly appreciated. :D

Also, I've been lately reading the novels by the christian author, Ted Dekker, and they are awesome! So if you're looking around for something to read, you might want to try out his Lost Books of History chronicles or his Circle Trilogy. They are all very well-written.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Lord of The Rings Tag

Alright, I was tagged by Bekah for the favorite places on Middle-Earth tag:

1. My first favorite place on Middle-Earth is Gondor, where Aragorn (my fave LoTR character) and Arwen reign.

2. My second favorite location on Middle-Earth is Rivendell.

3. My third favorite place in Middle-Earth is Rohan, home of Eomer, Eowyn, and the Riders of Rohan.

4. The Shire, the home of the ring-bearer Frodo and his companion Sam, is my fourth favorite site on Middle-Earth.

5. And lastly, Isengard is my fifth favorite location in Middle-Earth. I don't know why I like it.... I guess maybe because of the massive battle waged there between the Orks and the Ents.

And those, are my five favorite Middle-Earth locations!!! I tag any LoTR fan who wants to do the tag!!!