Monday, August 17, 2009

Tagged by Hannah

Before I start the tag, I just want to say that yesterday was completely amazing. Before playing with the worship band I'd prayed that I'd perform all for God's glory and not my own and I had one of the best times of my life. I loved playing up front with the band and at the end, even though I made a couple mistakes, it didn't really matter cause I didn't care what everyone thought. It was how God viewed me while playing up on stage that mattered.

After Church, my youth group, along with my friend Hunter from Travel of a Teen, attended the Rock the River concert. It was incredible. The crowd gathered was absolutely HUGE and I had a great time. The only bad thing was that their was only one rather small cluster of concession stands to feed all the people. Unfortunately, over half of my time at the concert was spent standing in line to get supper. One time while I stood in line to get one little bowl of deep-fried oreoes, I had to patiently wait for THREE hours!!! That was a little crazy but overall the bands were great and it was a really fun time. :D

Alright, now for the tag:

Who is your favorite male character and what book is he in? (Pick only one!!!)
Wow... This is a REALLY tough one. I have to say Aidan from the Door Within Trilogy.

Who is your favorite female character and what book is she in? (Pick only one!!!)
Ugh... Another hard one. It's a tie between Arya from the Eragon Series and Gwenne from Door Within.

Who is your favorite author favorite book/series by him?
Nope. There's no possible way I can name only one favorite author. Here's a list of my faves and their novels. Wayne Thomas Batson: The Door Within. Christopher Paolini: The Inheritance Cycle. Bryan Davis: The Echoes from the Edge Trilogy. Brandon Mull: Fablehaven Series. Rick Riordan: The Olympians Series. C. S. Lewis: Chronicles of Narnia. And John Flanagan: Ranger's Apprentice Series.

If you are writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in the book/series you are writing?
Mine's probably the main character of Eggbearer (the title of the novel I'm working on) named Cadyn.

If you are not writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in a book you know someone else is writing?

Any other favorites you want to mention?
Yeah, four more male characters I really like are Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) Nathan Shepherd (Echoes from the Edge) Percy Jackson (Olympians Series) and Will Treaty (Ranger's Apprentice Series).

Least favorite characters in a book you've read?
Daryl (Echoes from the Edge) and Rachel Elizabeth Dare (Olympians Series)

I tag: Seth (Musings of a Levite), Caleb (Ballin with God), Saerwen (Baking with a Red-headed Halfling) and any others who really want to do this tag. :D




Bekah said...

Cool...Aidan's such an awesome person! :D I really like Antoinette too.

That's awesome that you got to go to Rock the River!


Hannah said...

Nice answers. :D


Caleb said...

You did really good Jake!!!!


Anonymous said...

You read Ranger's Apprentice too?? Most people have never heard of the series! Wootwoot! =D