Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanover Harvest Festival

I am exhausted! Since this morning, I've been working at a festival in Hanover (a city close to mine) with my church to raise money to pay off the expenses of the FLY convention. Although it was tiring, I enjoyed it.
I was placed in charge of the "Golfing Range." An area where kids paid a dollar to putt and chip golf balls to win candy bars, sodas, ect. At first it was extremely tedious because we had absolutely no customers for about an hour. And then suddenly, people just started showing up. Soon, there was a crowd of kids just huddled around, sipping the pops and eating the candy they'd won while watching the numerous participants lined up test their luck at the golfing as well. Our church's goal was to earn 1,000 dollars at the fair. In the end, it was estimated we had gained 2,000 dollars, so everyone was pretty pleased by the outcome. :D

Also, my horse camp begins on Monday! Since I've been attending it for four years, I've qualified to go to the "Intermediate Camp" for more experianced equestrians. I'm so excited. The camp runs from Monday to Friday and is incredible. The horses are awesome, and the people there are really cool, so yeah, I can't wait!!!

Quick shout out to Josh and Bekah: WELCOME BACK!!! :D The missions trip sounded so AWESOME!!!



Hannah said...

It was so much fun. But yeah, I am SO exhausted. *falls off chair*


Hannah said...

Come on gmail! :D


Bekah said...

That sounds so fun!! So glad that Living Hope got all that money, that's so great.
Man thanks for the welcome!! :D Yeah, it was AMAZING!! :)


Marian said...

You've been tagged. :)

Elránia said...

Have fun at horse camp!
I love horse camp so much, I never even knew you rode :)


Elránia said...

I've awarded you :)

Ryan said...

Cool! Yeah, that sounds exhausting!