Sunday, August 9, 2009

Horse Camp

Alright, so my horse camp at an amazing ranch called Roselawn Stables ended Friday, but I haven't been able to post on it yet because yesterday my families computer was shut down because of a huge storm and today, I've been gone at Church, working on props for a section of my church, and going to my youthgroup, 180, so yeah. :D
Anyways, now I have the time to summarize it:
AWESOME. I could wrap it up with that one word but that would make this post pretty ridiculous so here's the rundown. I arrived early Monday morning extremely nervous (cause I hadn't been at camp for a year and because this year I was also taking a step up into the intermediate camp for more experianced riders). I was astonished because there were about a billion girls and only... 3 boys. Yes, you heard me right. T-H-R-E-E-!!!!! It was crazy. I already knew one of them (Hunter from Travels of a Teen) and the other was named Toemose. He was really cool and we became friends fast.
Entering the stables, I was estatic as I saw all the horses I'd become so well acquainted with over my years of going. The one in particular that caught my eye though, was the tall, large, American Quarter Horse called Champ. I'd ridden him my last two years and he was by far my favorite horse. This year though, we were told we would not be riding one, single horse. We'd be riding a wide variety of different ones, which was a prospect that greatly excited me. Luckily, we would still be choosing a horse to groom every morning so I immediately chose Champ. :D
Now, to get to the riding. Honestly, this had to be one of the most beneficial years for me in developing the skill. I received the oppertunity to ride bareback, Western saddled, and English saddled on all sorts of horses. On bareback, I practiced trotting, lopping, and tandem (two people on one horse). Hunter and I teemed up for this part and it was so much fun. We took turns riding in the front and back, and when in the back, we occasionally were instructed to close our eyes while the person in the front turned the horse in all sorts of disorientating angles, making the person behind develop a good sense of balance while bareback. English saddle was pretty fun too, but not as fun as I thought it would be, so I won't dwell on it. Western Saddle: Amazing. I love it. I got to practice barrels, keyhole, four-in-a-row, and poles in a lope and tons of other awesome things.
Friday, the final day of camp, came all to soon for me, but I had anticipated it since it was the day of the show: when all the parents came and watched while all of us displayed techniques and skills we'd learned throughout the week. I loved it. The best thing was that I got to ride Champ!!! There were alot of people requesting him to ride for the show and I was SO lucky I got him. :D The show was awesome. I rode and didn't make any serious mistakes besides knocking down a pole while demonstrating four-in-a-row. So yeah, I really enjoyed it.
Man, I wish I had pictures! I was supposed to get some e-mailed to me so I could post them on my blog but I guess Roselawn's administrator must have forgotten. I'll post the pics if I get them though.

Just a quick update. I finished "The Echoes from the Edge," series by Bryan Davis a little while ago... And it was so good. Very well written. If any of you are searching for a novel series to read, check them out!!! :D

By the way, thank you Elrania for the award! And also, thanks Marian for the tag! I'll do it as soon as I can. :D




Hannah said...

Sounds fun, Jake. :D

Today was SO awesome! I had SO much fun! :D


Elránia said...

You're welcome! sounds like a fun camp. I didn't go to any horse camps this year, but I went to the advanced camp last year, I love horse camp :)



Bekah said...

That's SO great that you got to go to that camp!! Riding bareback/tandem sounds amazing.
My friend, Joy, who used to go to co-op, went to Roselawn too and she said it was amazing too.


Jenna said...

That sounds really awsome! My older sister is really good around horses,me on the other hand....I get nervous around them and tend to freak out,so i keep my distance haha.OH well
C ya


Hunter Fraser said...

nice description Jake but you forgot to talk about how the people there are even better than the horses.

lol oh well