Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Right now I'm typing from the cabin my family rented for the week. It's been sooooo awesome so far. I've swam countless times, written a little on my story, read a ton, played track ball (extremely addicting) and have made time in the morning for an hour of devotions and just sitting and marveling at God's beauty. Every night so far my family and the Frasers (the family that came with us to the cabin) have been doing kind of mini sermons around the campfire and everyone gets one night to do one. Mines tomorrow and I'm doing mine off Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. It's probably my favorite verse. :D
I can't believe school is starting up so soon!!! Ugh, summer went by so fast. But I'm kind of anticipating school also. Especially the writing class I'm doing up at WEST (a homeschooler education place that teaches various classes). Well, I better wrap this post up.
Cya guys later,



Hannah said...

Awesome! :D

I love that verse, I have this really cool poster that has that on it. It's awesome. :D

I wish I was doing the writing class...I really wanted to. Well, next year, maybe.


Caleb said...

Cool that must be awesome out there!!!!

Bekah said...

Yeah, we actually rented that cabin last summer and I love it...especially that small spiral staircase...treachorous, but awesome :D
Same here...SO excited for West!!!

Jake M. said...

You've rented the exact same cabin? Cool!
Hahahaha, yeah, the spial staircase is extremely treacherous. I already have a couple of bruises from tripping. :D


Bekah said...

Yeah, I love that cabin.
I know, especially when everyone is wet from swimming and we run upstairs and get water all over those steps... *wince* yep, highly dangerous. :D


Anonymous said...

COOOLLLL!!!! =D Oh by the way, I really like you blog music.

Morgan said...

Hello there!
You're a great writer!!! My name's Morgan, and I'm homeschooled too! I'm always looking for friends (is that a loser thing to say?) - if you wanna commment on my blog...we can email...or something!
Have a great day!