Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tomorrow: Guitar Day

Wow, Sunday's coming so fast! I'm really excited but I've also been praying. You see, after practicing guitar yesterday, I finished and I was unsatisfied with my performance. I acted all selfish and I-wish-I-could-do-better-ish if I could put like that. Then when I went downstairs in my mopey attitude my mom saw me and asked what was wrong.
I told her I bet I was going to do terrible tomorrow playing guitar with the worship band on Youth Day.
And she said, "When you go up and play for Church, Jake, it is not about you. It is about God. No matter how it goes, the only reason you should play is to glorify God."
That really hit me and I saw so much truth in it because the whole time I had been thinking all about me. Would I do good? Would I look cool strumming my guitar up front? Would I make a fool of myself? I ignored the true reason people even play music in worship bands and praise in Church. It's to honor God! To praise Him! Not me. Not to make myself to look good. It's to point people through my actions to God.
So lately, I've been praying that however things go tomorrow with the worship band, that I'll do it to honor and worship God and not for any other selfish reason.
I just thought I'd share that with you guys...


PS: My friend, Seth, just made a blog. Here's the URL:
It's really awesome, so check it out!!! :D


Seth Skogerboe said...

This is AWESOME. sweetness

Hannah said...

Great post. So true.


Anonymous said...

Same with me somtimes! That is a really good post. I really have trouble about how do i look or do I look stupid. Even if I can sing note that post hit me hard! Thank you.

Bekah said...

Awesome post. I also worry a lot about how I will look in peoples' eyes, and not in God's, and my actions are sometimes based off that. Like talking/laughing with my friends during Sunday school class instead of listening, or whispering during worship time. I definitely needed the reminder that everything's SO for God and not for me or anybody else.
Hope you had fun, and did good. :D


Hannah said...

Jake, it was totally awesome. All day yesterday was AMAZING.