Monday, May 18, 2009

Confirmation and Polls

I just got confirmed yesterday and it was one of the best days of my life. Half-way through the church sermon on Sunday about seven confirmation students and I were called down to be obviously, comfirmed. All the student's parents came as well and we stood in front of the entire church congregation while our pastor and parents prayed for us and then let us participate in communion. I broke down while the church leaders were praying for us. I just felt so... I don't know, loved? It was just very cool and I felt a really deep connection with God as I confessed that He is my Lord and partook in communion. After doing communion, the confirmation students and I watched our testimonies (which we wrote and then said on camera earlier) were played in front of the church.

The results for the Eragon vs. Harry Potter poll are in: Eragon: 13-Harry Potter 0
Wow... That was a total blowout. I haven't actually read the Harry Potter books but they are talked about so much, I wanted to see how it would compare with one of my favorite series: The Inheritance Series. From looking at the poll, I guess Harry Potter can't really compare with Eragon at all!!! :-D
There were also 8 votes for Don't like Either, 2 for Tie, and 0 for Never heard of them.

Well, since that poll is over, I've created a new LoTR character poll, a name poll, and a book poll comparing two different series. The book poll is comparing the two series:

The Door Within Trilogy


The DragonKeeper Chronicles

What are you waiting for? Start voting!!!
Until next post, Namarie!!!



Josh S. said...

Harry Potter is better than the Eragon series in some ways and the Eragon series is better than harry potter series in some ways...i've read both.
FYI Gimlee is spelled Gimli...
Cool polls

Ryan said...

Door Within Trilogy is a Kabillion times better than dragonspell!


Hannah said...


I know what you mean, I almost started crying, I was shaking and I just felt His was so amazing.


Bekah said...

Hey Jake that's really cool about your confirmation!
Yeah, the Harry Potter books are really good, but overall, the Inheritance Cycle are better. Plus, Rowling kind of presents the worldview that "there is no good and evil; just power, and those who control it." Or something like that. In some ways though, I like the HP books better. Nice polls.


Ryan said...

Yeah, Jake that's really cool about your confirmation! I also broke down sobbing, it was just so cool to see you and your parents together. And when they were praying for you I really felt His presence, just like you said, Hannah! :) I'm just gonna state flatly that God is a loving and powerful God! The King above all kings, The Lord of lords, My Everlasting Father and yours as well.

And by the way, Jake, your blog is Amazing!