Saturday, July 4, 2009


Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Estes Park, Colorado for the FLY convention (a week-long, collosal christian convention for youth). I get to ride a coach bus with a bunch of my friends for twenty-two hours until we reach Colorado on Monday. :D At the convention, there's going to be TONS of different bible studies and sessions which I can attend and there will also be alot of free-time for the youth in which we can do many, awesome activities. Plus, the location for FLY (Estes Park) is nestled high up in the Rockies and is surrounded by breathtaking, snowcapped mountains, towering trees, and various other incredible views so yeah, I'm really excited! :D
Since I depart for the convention at 2:20 p.m. tomorrow, this is probably going to be my final post until I return from the trip... So I guess this is goodbye... *sobs* jk, lol. But yeah, I hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July and I'll cya y'all later!


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Bekah said...

Alright, bye Jake *waves goodbye* :D