Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Results for my three polls are in.

First of all, the book poll: The Door Within Trilogy vs. The Dragonkeeper Chronicles... The Door Within recieved 8 votes. The Dragonkeeper Chronicles received 3 votes. And there were also 3 votes for Tie. The Door Within Trilogy is victorious!!!

Now for the Lord of the Rings character poll: Aragorn: 5 votes, Legolas: 6 votes, Gimli: 2 votes, Frodo: 0 votes, Haldir: o votes, Gandalf: 0 votes, Eomer: 0 votes, Arwen: 1 vote, Boromir: 0 votes, Eowyn: 2 votes, Faramir: 0 votes.
First place with 6 votes: Legolas
Second place with 5 votes: Aragorn
Both tied for third with 2 votes: Gimli and Eowyn
What!? Legolas beat Aragorn???!!! *groan* NOOOOOOOO!!! :-( Grrrr, why does everyone think Legolas is better? Aragorn is just so AWESOME!!! Well, at least Aragorn only lost by one vote...

And finally, the name poll. The top two titles are Saerlin and Beltor. Hmmmm, interesting... very interesting. I'll use those names in my story. :D

Thanks for voting!



Ëarwen said...

I love the DragonKeeper series =D =D
Regidor's my favorite.
And Legolas IS awesome!!
Great to make fun of, but he's cool anyway.
Aragorn's awesome too, mind you, I just like
Legoals better. :)

Ëarwen said...

Oops, misspelled Legolas. Sorry! :)
And *ahem* your PROFILE picture is Legolas!!

Jake M. said...

Hmmm, good point... *slaps forhead*
I'll have to switch my profile picture to Aragorn. :D


Hannah said...