Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yawn=My Poetic Powers

I just got home from an excruciating basketball practice... We ran two down and backs, two half court-full courts, one killer, and one nightmaker (equals one killer, and 3 down and backs)!!! It was fun though...
Tomorrow I'm out of the house immediately for a piano lesson and a writing class session (I take this writing class in Plymoth). My bones are aching, and my heads starting to... spin...
Alright I've really quickly composed a poem about my weariness... (It's kind choppy (terrible!) but bear with me). :-) :-) :-)

I played basketball from evening to nightfall my harms now feel like lead...
I feel so tired and weary, I'm now considering going to bed...
My heart beat is dull and I almost can't breath, I'm gasping for every breath...
I weakly turn my head sideways and see a picture with a person on it called Jeff...
With a cough I know i must stay strong
With a shake I know I must stay awake
With a punch and lunch and a piece of pie I finally sigh... "I will SURVIVE!!!"

Okay, my poetic impulse had gone away now... *yawn*
I'm going to bed, to rest my weary head... *sigh* I'm a tired guy
WHYYYYYY, I can't stop this RYHME!!!
I'll be stuck like this for a very long time!!!
This should be a crime!!!
The person responsible for this should get fined!!!
I feel so resigned...

Okay, NOW i'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This isn't any fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like puns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, what a... a... nothing ryhmes!!! the spells broken!!! haha!!!

Okay, sorry, I can be that way sometimes, off in crazy cool land... *distant look*
Alright this is getting to long, and in this message there was to much song!!!
That was so wrong, uhhh MON!!!

Alright, cya



Bekah said...

Hey Jake,
Haha, that's funny! That one about your weariness you said...choppy. But I actually liked the other short rhymes! Haha...well...I have to write a poem about a person in my life...and so I'm expecting a grade of F...*sigh* hopefully, the spell you contracted might descend on me...unlikely...
Cya on Friday...and next Thursday.
p.s. Have you decided whether or not you're going to read the Harry Potter books yet?? PLEASE read them! They are so awesome!!

Jake M. said...

O'yeah, I'm totally going to try out the Harry Potter books!!! They sound so good!!!

PS:Hmmm, u have to write a peom about someone in your life... Would u consider borrowing one of my beautiful masterpiece poems for your assignment??? jk

PS: Tell the Vernon dude that I want to invest in his buisness!!! If he's already a billionare, I bet I will be by MARCH if I invest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bekah said...

*laughs* haha, just reading old blog posts on random people's blogs... *grins* this made me crack up.
Love the poems. jk


Bekah said...

Okay, just have to say this one more time (this comment was posted at a later date then the first two). *rolls on floor laughing* Out of all your posts, Jake, this one is totally my favorite. *lets head fall on keyboard while crying from laughing so hard*
Ha, I showed Abby your post, and she walked away shaking her head saying, "Yep, sounds like Jake to me." *laughs*
Ah! Wasn't self-defense today AWESOME? Well it always is, but was especially awesome today. *dreamy sigh while thinking about co-op* Co-op's great. :)