Thursday, April 30, 2009

Archery and The Door Within

Man... I'm a terrible poster!!! Sorry for not writing an entry for ages!!! Anyway, I recieved the oppertunity to, with my coop, try archery at this suvival class thing... And it-is-AWESOME!!! First off, our instructor talked about safety but then afterwards he told us all to find out which of our eyes was dominant. Once I discovered I was left-eyed, he produced a lefty bow for me... Then he taught us how to position ourselves, hold the bow, pull back the bowstring, how far back to pull the string, ect. until we finally we started shooting. I was really nervous because I didn't think I'd be able to handle the compound bow well with my left hand, but I attemped it nevertheless and was instantly rewarded with a shaft pinned on the target's bulls-eye. Exhilerated, I continued to practice until unfortunately, are archery period ended...

Another highlight of the this week has been reading. I'm currently rereading the Door Within Trilogy, and I'm constantly amazed by the author's (Wayne Thomas Batson) skill. He's incredibly talented at writing and his books are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you haven't already devoured his Door Within Trilogy, I strongly recommend reading it!!!

Well... I don't really have anything else to say so I think I'm going to end this post.
Until next time! Namarie! (I think that word means Good-Bye in elvish but I'm not certain) :-)



Kendra Logan said...

Cool! Glad you posted again.

You're right about "namarie" ;)

Hannah said...

Yeah, Archery was SO much fun! You were pretty good; you got a double bulls-eye. :D

Yep, Namarie is a form of 'goodbye' in Elvish. I think its Sindarin...ask Earwen! She'll know whether it's Quenya or Sindarin.



Bekah said...

I know archery was awesome.


Ryan said...

Jake, tell me all about archery, 'cause I wasn't there...:'(


Hannah said...

Jake, about your banner...I haven't worked on it yet, but honestly, I think what you have right now is pretty cool. If you still want me to make you one, just let me know, and I'll get going on it! :D


Moriah said...

It sounds awesome! Great blog! Another LotR fan!!!!

Moriah said...

Thanks for the comment. Of course, you can follow my blog! I love getting new followers. Especially, LotR fans!