Friday, April 17, 2009


Alright, I've gotten tagged twice now by Earwen and Hannah... I think I know how to do them so here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was born in Minnesota, and then when I hadn't even turned one yet, my parents decided to become missionaries in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia). So my whole family (My dad, mom, brother, and me) set out for our destination. When we arrived, my family settled into a beautiful house in Dubai (this place in the Middle East). Once there, my mom and dad recieved teaching jobs at schools, planning to try introducing christianity to fellow teachers and the kids. During my mom and dad's work hours, I stayed in the care of an Irish nanny named, "Mrs. Kay." She was soooo cool!!! After four years of Middle Eastern missionary work, my parents decided it was time to return to the Untited States.

Boarding a plane after saying many difficult goodbyes, my family left the Middle East, both saddened by the thought of leaving so many good friends, and excited to return to so many others.

When I arrived at the states, I was four years old and completely mystified by how strange it was here. No desert. No camels. None of that. Only beautiful woods, fields, and massive buildings. My family then purchased a house in Minnesota near our relatives, and almost immediately afterwards I met TONS of spectacular friends.
Well... That was pretty much the most interesting stage of my life... I'm still living in Minnesota: A Homeschooler, Book & Writing Lover, Guitarist, Pianist, Sport Participant, E-mailer, Gamer, Blogger and most importantly... A follower of Jesus Christ!

I wish I could say more but I gtg... I hope I did a good job with these tags!!!

Jake <><

PS: My friend just made a blog. Here's the link:
It's really cool and I think you'd all like it, so check it out!!!!!!!!!


Hunter Fraser said...

sweet I didn't know how to do tags bfore that!

Hannah said...

Cool Jake! It was interesting to read! :D


Hannah said...

Oh, I'll start working on your header was just really busy! :D


Hannah said...

Also, you might want to change the color of your comments. You can do that on layout, click "fonts and color" and then sscroll down until you get toscroll down until you get to the little thing that says "comment color" and change it to white or something. :D


Eärwen said...

Oh, wow! Thank you, Jake! You don't know how great your comment made me feel!!
It was REALLY wonderful!!
Thank you!!!!

Bekah said...

Hey Jake,
Okay I want to say one thing-I LOVE your header!!!!!!!!! (that deserved all the exclamation points :D) I think that sentence (To the one true King, through whom all good things come: I bend my knee and await your command.) is *really* awesome. :D Just wanted to drop by and congratulate you on that.


Kendra Logan said...

Is your brother older or younger? Sorry, random :) I was just wondering.

Aragorn is my favorite character in LOTR, too!

That's really neat that your parents are missionaries! Wow, cool!

Jake M. said...

Hey Kendra,

My brother's older then me...

Awesome about Aragorn! I agree, he's definitely the best character in LoTR!!!

Yeah, it is pretty cool that my parents had the oppertunity to be missionaries in Saudi Arabia!


Bekah said...

Um no way Legolas is so much cooloer!!! He's an elf. Elves are cooler then humans.
Plus Legolas has a bow.