Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's One of Those Amazing Moments...

Amazing is almost an understatement. I cannot believe this... Okay, I'll stop rambling and tell you what's so incredible: 41-39. That was the score of my game at my team's Middle School. We were triumphant... against Buffalo: the city boasting the best seventh-grade school basketball team in our conference. And we defeated them! It came to the last 10 seconds, where Buffalo was desperately trying to intercept the ball when it was passed in bounds and score a basket to tie up the game. But our team managed to hold'em off. We WON!!!!!!!!!!!! *tries to stop shaking with exuberance* Ah, the looks on the Buffalo team's faces when we beat them. They were astonished. It was David and Goliath moment kind of. The team with a record of 1 win and 9 losses taking on a team, flawless and undefeated. When we won, all my teammates when crazy. I'm still going crazy! I'm awed, flabbergasted, astounded- AMAZED.
So enough about my amazement, here's an update on how my mom's doing: She went into surgery Monday and stayed in the hospital overnight. Then late in the afternoon Tuesday, she came back with my dad. She was extremely nauseous and in reasonable pain. On Wednesday, she was feeling a little better, but still just laid in bed and slept most of the day. And today, she's starting to be her normal self again. Although still tired and achy, she's feeling a lot better. Want to know what's awesome though? The doctor's who extracted half of her thyroid said that when they took it out, it didn't look cancerous! I'm so happy about that, but still, it's not a final judgement. The complete report comes Monday I think, so yeah... My family just has to wait and see.
By the way, does anyone know anything about the Bartimaeus trilogy? I'm starting the first book, and I want to hear other people's opinion on it before engross myself in it. Is it bad? Okay? Good? Great? Outstanding?




***Emily*** said...

I'm glad your mom doesn't have cancer(so the doctors say).... I'll still keep her in my prayers.

Merry Christmas!

Bekah said...

That's so awesome that you won your basketball game! *high-fives you*
YEAH! I'm so glad your mom doesn't have cancer!
I started the first book, and got bored of tell me if its good, and I'll try again, k?


Keturah said...

Hey that's my city's team! JK! It seems that many of Buffalo's sports teams are horrible. I'm not really a big fan of them. :)