Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At last... Victorious

After eight games for basketball, my team finally emerged as the victor in one. It was an amazing game, and the score was astounding: 69-4. We demolished this team. I mean, it was steal after steal, swish after swish. We were unstoppable! I'm so glad we've finally won. I've stopped making it so the losses are all about me and how I performed, but still, it's kind of frustrating continuously losing. So yeah, I'm exhilarated.
I haven't posted forever so here's a brief update on how Thanksgiving went:
One word, AWESOME. I attended three thanksgiving dinners: One at one of my best friend's (
Hunter) house, one with my mom's side of the family, and one with my dad's side of the family. It was a blast and very satisfying devouring so much food. (contented sigh) :D It's crazy cause now Christmas is in less than THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!! I can't wait. My whole house has already been adorned in Christmas accouterments, and our Christmas tree is up in our family room. *rubs hands together in anticipation* It's going to be great.
But amidst all the awesomeness, there's one thing that's troubling me... My mom has been lately having numerous doctor appointments concerning a growth on a section of her neck called the thyroid. Although scanned and scrutinized, the doctors can't distinguish wether the growth is harmful or not. Two days ago, they informed my mom that there's a fifteen percent chance it's cancer. So... It has to be removed. Luckily, they're only removing half of her thyroid and leaving the other half so she won't have to use medications for the rest of her life to perform tasks completed by the thyroid. She's going in Monday for surgery to get the growth extracted to be examined more closely to discover what is causing it. I'm praying it's not cancer... I'd appreciate if you'd keep her in your prayers too. It's pretty scary for her and my family having to wait to find out about something so serious...



Making Time For What Counts said...

Way to go Jake! I am sure a win feels good. We are praying for your Mom. I know you know we have a good God. He has everything under control and works all things for good. We are praying Jake for complete healing.
blessings, Julie

Hope_princess said...

Wow!! Awesome- soooo glad you won that basketball game. It must feel really great.

I'll keep your mom in my prayers. My mom had problems with her thyroid also. It was really scary watching her energy slowly degrade. Thank the Lord, she's back to her old self, and I hope the same will happen to your mom.

p.s.- LOVE your blog background- wicked cool!

Bekah said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving...and GREAT job about winning the basketball game!!! :)
Ooh...I will definitely pray for your mom.


The Cowgirls said...

We Love the big Red button at the bottom of your page!! WE had to keep pressing it even though we blew up the whole world!! LOL
Pretty Cool.
Thanks for following our blog.
The Cowgirls

Keturah said...

Awww. That's my city's team! JK! I live in Buffalo. It seems that many of Buffalo's sports teams are terrible at playing. :) Congrats!