Monday, February 15, 2010

Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

For President's Day, my mom took my brother Alex and I to The Lightning Thief, knowing how much we enjoyed the books. And, after watching it, I'd give it three stars. This movie was an example of books superiority to movies. It didn't entice me like the books did- didn't live up to my expectations. The movies excluded numerous main characters whom I thoroughly enjoyed in the book, and what's more, they completed contorted the plot! I don't want to say anything, as it will spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it, but the ending combats were COMPLETELY fabricated by the producer. It didn't follow along the lines of the novel at all! Also, the movie included a little too much inappropriateness when it came to the way the people in the film were dressed, which was a constant, disturbing element in the movie. The last thing that disappointed me greatly was how fast-paced the move was. I mean, there was barely ever a time when the characters just... talked. They were always on the run- fighting, fleeing, ect.

I won't be a total pessimist. There were really cool factors in the move too, including sweet skirmishing scenes and awesome special effects. Another thing that was cool, which is totally irrelevant to the film, is that the guy who played Percy looked sooo awesome, fitting the way I pictured him in the novels perfectly. But the person who played Annabeth... ugh. She was nothing like the Annabeth I knew in the books. Her features, her portrayal- ARGH! But Grover was another story. He rocked, and I'm so glad he was played by an African American! The actor was really funny and cool. :D
So yeah, 3 Stars, is my rating.


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Kailyn said...

Right now, at this moment, I'd probably give it around four stars out of five.

I saw the movie on Friday, and I have to say, despite a few Hollywood-esque underlying messages that I disagree with, I REALLY enjoyed it. Of course, I haven't read the book, which probably colors my perception completely differently. Hearing your review of the movie compared with the books, I definitely want to read them! They might change my mind about the movie, ha ha!

Have a great rest of your President's Day!