Thursday, April 15, 2010


I GOT A CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a Canon PowerShot A480, and it is SO awesome. I mean, it can't compare to the caliber of a camera like Bekah's Nikon D3000, but I don't plan on creating a photo blog with it or anything- I just really enjoy taking pictures, and I've been DYING to obtain my own for so long! So far, I've taken a multitude of random pics of whatever I come across, just to get the feel of the camera, but nothing yet that I'm going to post. I'll make an entry filled with pictures later when the pics are of something actually interesting or absorbing. Well, I actually have taken one good pic. My brother Alex despises my camera because he dislikes me constantly flashing pictures of everything around me- including shots of him. Since over the past day it's become increasingly harder to snap a picture of him before he evades me, I concealed myself on my bed in the room we share and waited as he used our family's boy bathroom which is in our room. And then, straining my ears, I listened and waited for him to emerge. Training the camera on the place where his head would materialize, I focused the camera and... FLASH- I caught Alex just as he came out, and he was looking straight at the A480 with undisguised irritation. *grins* It was AWESOME. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the shot. *groans*
Last night, I celebrated my real birthday for the day I actually turned thirteen with my family, and it was blast. I received the A480 (obviously), a capo for my guitar, (really needed one for a couple of songs I recently received), and a pre-ordering of Rick Riordan's (the author of the Percy Jackson series) new book. All in all, it was the best family birthday I've ever had. It's strange though cause I thought I'd feel... different when I turned thirteen. But- I feel exactly the same. No sudden, magic transformation into an older, taller person- no sudden outbreak of acne or anything- no inward feeling of teenager-ness. *shrugs* Oh well.
Also, on my birthday yesterday, I had to present a speech for a writing class I take- in front of 20 to 30 people (I'm not sure precisely). *shudders* I was really freaked out. At one point, I even slipped out of class and entered the bathroom where I just prayed that God would calm me down- and he did. When I gave my presentation, It was so... easy. The second I got up in front of everyone, things just seemed to go along smoothly and effortlessly. I'm just hoping I get a good grade now, cause the presentation was one of the must crucial assignments in the writing class. But I'm just glad I finished with the speech, cause now- I have no more "school" writing for the rest of the school year!!! My schedule just got a LOT less busy. :D


Bekah said...

WHOO-HOO!!! Awesome!!

Haha, yeah, Al was talking about how annoying it was. Haha! *laughs*

Yeah, my sibs were pretty annoyed when I got my camera - I kept saying "AH! STAY RIGHT THERE! THATS A PERFECT POSE!"

Ohmiword, though, you did SOOO good on your presentation. Like seriously - definitely the best in the class.

Memzie said...

Your brother told me about this 'wonderful' writing class presentation you had to do on your birthday. At least it is over now.

Congrats on the camera! I am sure your family LOVES all the pictures you are taking of them. *grins*

About the Wrinkle In Time series, I really like them. I mean, I haven't read them recently, but from what I can remember Mrs. L'Engle brings science to her novels that is fun and interesting at the same time. You feel smarter after reading them. She brings in things like mitochondrias and tesseracts (which are the wrinkles in time) making science more fascinating in story telling mode. I enjoy the characters too! They are intriguing to me. My favorite is Charles Wallace.
This series is not going to be like anything you have read before- definitely unique if you are into those kind of stories.
(Sorry LONG comment)

Jordyn said...

I totally agree with Bekah- Your presentation was the best. Maybe I should have slipped out and prayed... huh.
Oh, I felt the same way when I turned thirteen. I was so bummed by the end of the day, I resolved to not enjoy the rest of the week and just try to "be thirteen". Wow, it was reaaally stupid. Good thing I'm SO much more grown up now. ;)

Charity said...

Ok... now I know who's been snapping pictures! Alex was not too happy about that... did you read his post? LOL.
Soli Deo Gloria,

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Haha...yeah, I know. LOL *ROFL* I couldn't stop laughing when I read about this on Alex's blog. LOL...

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

You know *wink wink* u might not wanna inform alex of my suggestion. *ahem* but you should post a picture or too once you become successful.
Okay I'm done with suggestions, they're gonna get me in trouble LOL. Anyways, thats really funny.
With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann