Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Frodo...

my family's new puppy. We just got him yesterday, and he's the best dog on the planet.

I know, I know, Frodo shares pretty much no features with the Lord of the Rings Frodo: no curly dark hair, no huge, grayish blue eyes, ect. But hey, you have to admit, it's a great name for a dog.

It's funny how the name came about though. So my mom was searching the Internet for pics of dogs, since my family has been set on getting one since the start of 2010. My mom came across a photo of this huge poodle with mounds of long, loooong white-gray hair. My mom asked me what I thought about it, and I laughed and replied sarcastically, "It looks great. We could call him 'Gandalf'." That conversation led to other Lord of the Rings names until we came to Frodo- which my family actually took seriously. And therefore- Frodo became the name of our new miniature Golden doodle.

And he's a GREAT Golden doodle. He never barks- only when he's really scared, like the first time we put him in his kennel yesterday. He completely freaked out and started clawing frantically at the cage. After that display, my family dreaded putting him in his kennel for the whole night, but when we did- he did nothing but sit and lay contentedly and peacefully on his blanket... for the entire night. It was really cool. And then he's extremely mellow- I mean, he's not wild by any means. When he plays, he's gentle and constantly wants to be petted and have attention. All in all, he's an amazing puppy. And looks awesome too-

I haven't posted or commented in a while cause I haven't even been home since two days ago. I've been in Colorado on vacation. And trust me- it was an incredible vacation. I'll try my best to post about it tomorrow, but with blogging and me, you never know, cause if there was a contest for most inconsistent blogger, I'd easily take first prize. *groans*




Alyson-Louise Belle said...

I LOVE your dog! Hey I was wondering if you might change your comment settings to where the comment box pops out. Usually, my computer has a monitor sort of thing, and it won't let me comment on this kind. Right now it's disabled, though. But it's not all the time... So is Frodo indoor or outdoor? That's so weird, too, that you named him Frodo, because when I get my dogs, I'm going to have a Puli named Gandalf. Thanks for your compliment on my song, Addy. It is supposed to be kind of flowing, by the way. :)

Jake M. said...

Thanks. Yeah, Frodo's amazing. :) And he's an indoor dog. At the moment, he's confined to this large, fenced-in room but later on, once he gets older, he'll have the whole house to roam. *grins*
A Puli named Gandalf, huh? Then you can get another white Puli and name him Sauron. :D But yeah- I'm all for naming dogs Lord of the Rings titles.
Alright, I think I fixed the comment problem. To make sure, could you comment to let me know? That's be awesome.


PS: Addy is REALLY good. That's probably my favorite song you've posted so far. Flowing- yeah, that's the first impression the song made on me.

Marvin D. said...

Oh, nice blog you got here! :D Did you know my brother's name is Jake? And when you said Pippin, I didn't think LOTR, I thought Pippin and Frodo from Red Rock Mysteries. :D

Memzie said...

Awesome dog, Jake! He is really cute!

Our dogs are named after chocolate if you can believe that. Coco and Rolo. Yep. We even have a gerbil named m&m.
And before that we have two hamsters named Buttercup and Oreo.
Yeah, we like sweets in our family. :D

Sounds like an great trip you had. Will there be pictures?

Jake M. said...

Thanks, Memzie!
Funny about the chocolate dog naming. What's the next name going to be? Twix? Snickers? :D
Yeah, it really was a great trip. And yes, I have tons of pictures. I'm just hoping I can find the time to make the post!


Ella Bennet said...

Such a cute dog! Nice name too.

Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Great! Cool! And thank you so much for your comments about Addy. It means a lot to me, and so does the song. I love the first song you have in your MixPod. You gotta love Tenth Ave! I tagged you, btw!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I miiiiisssssss you! You REALLY need to come back, its been almost two months. Jake... seriously, is facebook that much more awesome then us?!
LOL... kk, bit dramatic. But you really should come back.

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann